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Chasaha found a big blue spark.  Some chatter about the unusual fog.  Pure water identifies sparks as Cherenkov radiation.

Link to Fuku1long

12-06-29 204348 spark.JPG
12-06-29 204721 spark.JPG
12-06-29 204839 spark.JPG
12-06-29 205049 spark.JPG
12-06-29 205258 spark.JPG
12-06-29 205328 spark.JPG
12-06-29 205439 spark.JPG
12-06-29 205803 spark.JPG
12-06-29 205812 spark.JPG
12-06-29 205858 spark.JPG
12-06-29 205949 spark.JPG
12-06-29 205959 spark double.JPG

12 sparks in 17 minutes.  Getting close to that one a minute rate.  

Pics of the first one and the last three.

Most of the sparks were on the dark foreground.  That might have been a hint that sparks were not an aerial phenomena or a plasma display.  They were hard to grab even in the x2 time-lapse; couldn't always stop right on the spark.  I can't grab a full screen capture so I'm trying a zoom grab of that pretty blue double.  Notice the fog bubble over r2, we still see that on occasion.  I often found spark bursts associated with unusual fog.  

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