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Leak at Chinese nuclear power facility


Since my last post I have found that the whole Hong Kong Observatory radiation monitoring site has been given a complete make over.

The Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in Guangdong province is located 85 miles west of Hong Kong.

You can now find the up to date hourly average ambient radiation dose rate information in Hong Kong, here.


20th June 2021 - As Chinese Nuclear Incident Unfolds, Expert Falls Off Building & Dies


Ministry of Ecology and the Environment, responsible for news around nuclear power plants, also said no leak into the environment had occurred. “At present, monitoring results of the radiation environment around the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant show that there is no abnormality in the radiation level around the nuclear power plant,” the statement said.

The housings of about five of the more than 60,000 fuel rods in the Number One reactor are estimated to have  been damaged, accounting for less than 0.01 percent of the total number, far lower than the assumed maximum damage proportion of 0.25 percent in the design for the reactor, it said.

With the jet stream able to transport radioactive particles and gases far from their source, people around the world are continuing to keep their  eye on whatever is unfolding at the nuclear power plant. While China admitted that a leak of radioactive gas did make it into the environment in April, they say no radioactive gas or matter has escaped into the environment in this latest incident. During  April 9 incident,  the Taishan facility leaked what officials described as a “small amount” of radioactive gas. The Chinese National Nuclear Safety Administration said that event was a “Level 0” event that lacked safety significance.

Nevertheless, scientists continue to  track  wind movement for any potential cloud of suspicious gas rising from the nuclear power plant.

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[…] At some 154 nanograys per hour, a measure of gamma radiation, the level reported by China’s nuclear-safety association on Monday still is a tiny fraction of readings above 10,000 nGy/h around the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan in 2011. [Source]Bloomberg

***Of note, the media and authority say no leak this time. They fail to mention the intentional release.

This recent "imminent threat" document leak reaction is one example of the rush to clean up harmful rumors and leave the strontium-90 and cesium-137 trailing in the wind.

Why “Radiological Threat” at Taishan N-plant in China should concern India
JUNE 28, 2021

Wow. India tells it like it is...

***March 01, 2018

Also, on January 25, Framatome finalized and launched Enfission, a 50-50 joint venture with Lightbridge Corp., to commercialize the U.S. fuel technology developer’s metallic fuel. Lightbridge says that the “seed-and-blanket” design can safely operate at increased power density compared to standard uranium oxide fuel. For Framatome, which provides next-generation fuel assembly designs to more than 100 of about 260 light water reactors around the world, the partnership will strengthen its position in the global fuel market.

Edit: [Lightbridge and Framatome agreement to dissolve Enfission joint venture
25 March 2021]
Oh dear...
Jun 20, 2021 · Iran’s sole nuclear power plant has undergone an unexplained temporary emergency shutdown, state TV reported on Sunday. An official from the state electric energy company, Gholamali Rakhshanimehr,...

***As of yet unexplained and not restarted. Harmful rumors. What if it was the same fuel, so Bushehr, as a precaution, requested emergency shutdown... a result of Taishan mishap?
TVEL and Framatome have a gig...
from vitals link...
As Chinese Nuclear Incident Unfolds, Expert Falls Off Building & Dies

...Sources with the White House say they have been aware of the situation for the last two weeks and that the emergency hasn’t yet reached a “crisis” level yet. According to those sources, the White House National Security Council has convened multiple times in recent weeks to discuss the situation, led by NSC Senior Director for China Laura Rosenberger and Senior Director for Arms Control Mallory Stewart. In addition, the White House has been in close communication with the Chinese and French governments and has consulted with subject matter experts at the Department of Energy. No public statements about their findings have been made by the White House.

The Department of Energy, whom the White House said they met with, declined to comment. The International Atomic Energy Agency, a group within the United Nations, told the Associated Press it was aware of the issue and was awaiting information from China.
TVEL also has a deal with Exelon, whom the NRC waived foreign regulations to experiment with their ARF fuel in US plants. Framatome also has fuel fabrications deals with TVEL and the US.
Trump sanctioned Iran for US oversight of Bushehr, contrary to current modeling. though we have known Russia supplies USNPPs fuel since the ENE days. They also supply much of China. My question, who's fuel faultered? I realize it's "a common occurance" and that the contamination "stays in the reactor [work] environment" and that its all "harmful rumors" causing "unnecessary" concern and inquest... but I still want to know who's fuel is in the Taishan NPP? It's likely fancy Framatome, but without an actual link, it's speculation.

Again, the race to replace the pre-Fukushima NPP fuel types for "ATF"...

Fuel Company of Rosatom will supply new model of nuclear fuel to Bushehr NPP in Iran
26 April, 2018 / 16:56

...Framatome sends two batches of nuclear fuel from its Lingen (Germany) plant to Switzerland without valid export license
In December 2020, two transports of nuclear fuel from Framatome's Lingen plant to the Swiss Leibstadt nuclear power plant took place, although the export license has been challenged in court, resulting in an interim injunction for the license, until a court decision is issued. The regional branch of the environmental organisation BUND has announced to bring charge against Framatome. (Die Tageszeitung Jan. 12, 2021)
Framatome meanwhile announced to refrain from further exports to Leibstadt, until the matter has been decided in court. (Die Tageszeitung Jan. 21, 2021)

The German Federal Ministry of Environment has confirmed that the latest exports of nuclear fuel from ANF Lingen to Switzerland and Belgium were illegal. (Hubertus Zdebel, MP, Feb. 9, 2021)
> Download: Drucksache 19/26440 external link, Deutscher Bundestag, 5.2.2021 (6.9MB PDF), p.128-129
MORE! More! More!

The document is aimed at the replacement of nuclear fuel model for the first operational power unit of Bushehr NPP with a VVER-1000 reactor. Thus, UTVS fuel assemblies, currently supplied to the power plant, will be replaced with more advanced TVS-2M bundles.
Within the project, Russian engineers will provide all necessary calculations and justifications for licensing of the new fuel model by the regulatory authority. The first supply of TVS-2M fuel assemblies to Iran is scheduled for 2020

AREVA, Kobe Steel deliver 1st casks for spent Fuku
By Stainless Steel World Publisher -***March 4, 2013***

TransNuclear Ltd., a joint-venture between AREVA and Kobe Steel Ltd., has just
delivered to Tokyo Electric Power Co., Ltd (TEPCO) the first three metallic casks
for the dry storage of spent fuels stored in the common pool of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

******** Kobe scandal, Framatome scandal... Holtec... Sheesh.
(07-03-2021, 10:44 AM)HHD Wrote: ... but I still want to know who's fuel is in the Taishan NPP? It's likely fancy Framatome, but without an actual link, it's speculation.

Quote:EDF said on Monday that the problem at the plant could have been caused by fuel rods supplied by Framatome.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
US blacklists Chinese nuclear firm involved in UK Hinkley Point C project
China General Nuclear Power partnered with EDF to help fund a third of the £20bn cost of the nuclear power plant being built in Somerset

August 16, 2019***

...The entity list identifies organisations “for which there is reasonable cause to believe, based on specific and articulable facts, have been involved, are involved, or pose a significant risk of being or becoming involved in activities contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests” of the US.

CGN partnered with EDF to help fund a third of the £20 billion cost of the Hinkley power plant being built in Somerset.

The Department of Commerce alleges the nuclear company and three of its subsidiaries “engaged in or enabled efforts to acquire advanced US nuclear technology and material for diversion to military uses in China”.

Chinese reports suggest CGN, which is one of the largest nuclear energy companies in the US, said the move will have “basically manageable influence” on the company’s development.
ATRIUM 11, Framatome’s latest generation boiling water reactor (BWR) fuel and most recent member of the ATRIUM family, offers a response to these challenges. ATRIUM 11 combines the inherent advantages of an 11x11 array with the proven ATRIUM of a quadratic water channel replacing nine fuel rods by enhanced features.

The investigations into the causes of the Advanced Nuclear Fuels GmbH (ANF) laboratory fire in Lingen on ***December 6, 2018*** are not yet concluded. In a special session yesterday afternoon the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of Lower Saxony informed the environmental committee of the state parliament of the probable …

Three companies claim right to supply fuel for Temelin nuclear power plant - newspaper

AtomInfo.Ru, PUBLISHED MAY 11,021

TVEL, Westinghouse and Framatome are taking part in a competitive selection process for the right to supply fuel at the Temelin nuclear power plant (Czech Republic), According to Economicky denik.

The newspaper clarifies that, according to its data, the winners of the competition can be more than one, that is, fuel can be supplied from two different sources.

The current agreement between CEJ and TVEL on fuel supplies for the Temelin nuclear power plant expires in 2024.

The competition to select a supplier after this date started in 2019 and should be completed by the end of 2021, followed by discussion of the future contract or contracts with "Euratom Supply Agency" and the actual signing of contract documents.

Currently, fuel for both blocks of the Temelin nuclear power plant is supplied by russian TVEL. The first block of the station also has an experimental batch (6 pieces) of heat-emitting assemblies from Westinghouse.
Framatome will put tolerat fuel on the block with BWR for the first time

AtomInfo.Ru, PUBLISHED On 24.03.2021

Framatome has signed a contract with Xcel Energy under which the French company will supply PROtect's "tolerant fuel technology" at the Monticello nuclear power plant (USA, Minnesota).

"For the first time," the French company said, "Framatome will deliver demonstration tolerant twels under the PROtect program to the water-boiling reactor."

The Monticello nuclear power plant consists of a single unit with a BWR-3 water boiling reactor with a capacity of 628 MW (e) net (project capacity of the block 545 MW (e)).
HHD Wrote:... but I still want to know who's fuel is in the Taishan NPP? It's likely fancy Framatome, but without an actual link, it's speculation.

Horse Wrote:EDF said on Monday that the problem at the plant could have been caused by fuel rods supplied by Framatome.

Show me the money...

Chinese-developed ATF undergoing irradiation tests
24 January 2019


Free money for everyone!
***01 July 2015***

An excellent explanation of the China/France Fuel Pact...
Radiation emission was noted at Olkiluoto NPP (Finland). Repair work will begin on Monday ...
***April 8 2016***
Finnish edition Yle Reports Emergency at Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant. The report says that experts discovered a radiation leak, which led to a significant increase in the radiation background in the area where the Finnish nuclear power plant is located. On the exact indicators of radiation background, increased as a result of radiation leakage on Olkiluoto, is not reported.

The head of the Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety stated that “fears are superfluous, since radiation leaks at nuclear power plants are a periodically occurring phenomenon that does not threaten human health and the environment.” In connection with this remark in Finland itself expressed great doubts about the level of competence in matters of nuclear safety of the head of the said center.

Yle reports that an emergency reactor was tested, as a result of which damage was found to one of the fuel cell cartridges. Causes of damage are not called. The specialists decided to replace three such elements from the used half a thousand in the core.


Gnome sayin?
(07-08-2021, 09:24 PM)HHD Wrote: Gnome sayin?

Just scroll down. Oh look, I threw in your tune. Gnome projects too much.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Repost: https://nationalpost.com/news/world/chin...lear-plant

"Under normal operating conditions it is true some gases like krypton and xenon will escape and be detected but in this case the concentrations are much higher, so something is happening," said Tatsujiro Suzuki, a former vice-chairman of the Japan Atomic Energy Commission.

"Once radioactive gas is leaking to the environment it is a serious issue. It could get worse. I think there could be problems with the fuel. It is unusual."

Swiss nuclear station closed due to faulty AREVA [Orano] fuel rods

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