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USA Contaminated Honey Report, Questions, Southern Hemisphere April 2021 Report
I have had questions about the high local Counts Per Minute (CPM) showing in the local background charts in these reports.

The reference monitoring station's GammaScout Geiger counter died on the 12th September 2018, RIP. The last full day average it recorded was on the 11th September 2018. The GammaScout was used as a local background reference for many years.  When working at this location the pre Fukushima average local background level of the GammaScout Geiger counter was around 11 CPM or 0.1 uSv/hr.

This local monitoring station is now using a SBT-10 pancake probe, and Theremino Geiger counter software.  The new SBT-10 pancake probe local background average is around 108 CPM. The higher CPM of the SBT-10 does not mean the local background level here has drastically increased, it is just that it is a much more sensitive instrument.

The local background level charts in the email reports for 2019, 2020 & 2021 are based on the SBT-10 average of around 108 CPM,  previous to this the background level charts where based on the GammScout 11 CPM sensitivity.

Over the many years of monitoring, the number of radioactive cloud events detected passing over this location in the Southern Hemisphere, have dropped significantly. Nothing significant has been detected for a number of years now.


21st April 2021 - American Honey Still Contains Radioactive Fallout From Nuclear Tests Decades Ago


As expected, various samples of fruits, nuts, and other foods revealed very faint traces of cesium-137 when measured with a gamma detector, but even Kaste wasn't prepared for what happened when he ran the same test with a jar of honey from a North Carolina farmer's market.

"I reproduced the measurement. And it was, again, 100 times hotter than any of these other foods."


This very informative video, that is just 10 minutes long, discusses the health effects very small amounts of Cesium can have on children.




Southern Hemisphere April 2021 Background Level Report

It was a very wet April 2021 but background levels have remained stable.

Monitoring Station Location


April 2021 Background Level Chart (Month Average 107 CPM)

[Image: Caloundra-local-average-background-radia...l-2021.jpg]

Disclaimer: This is an amateur volunteer run service. Human error can provide incorrect information, and equipment malfunction can produce false readings. Do not rely on, or take action upon information presented on this web site, without further research.
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