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Radioactive Dust Is Sweeping Over Europe!
6th March 2021 - Radioactive Dust Is Sweeping Over Parts Of Europe From The Sahara 


The Association for Control of Radioactivity in the West (Acro) reported that scientists have observed the phenomenon happening since February when the dust was found to be over parts of France. Samples confirmed what was found to be radioactive particles in the dust which had been kicked up by a major storm that recently swept Morocco, creating huge dust clouds that picked up the radioactive material that had been left over from past nuclear tests conducted by France on its then colonial possession of Algeria in the early 1960s.

A fairly thick cloud is crossing the Mediterranean covering parts of Spain, France, the UK, and Germany among others, where the phenomenon of "mud rain" is now expected.

And as the storm affects the interior of Algeria again, it is likely that particles will carry back some caesium-137 from the site of the French nuclear test carried out on February 13, 1960.


Radioactive particulate material is dangerous because it can be breathed in. It can potentially cause long term health damage because it is very up close and personal with the lung cells of the body. This contamination can then be transported to other parts of the body from the lungs.

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