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Safire - Energy advancements
The nuclear energy advancements of the past four years will blow your mind
Jonah Gottschalk
The Federalist
Fri, 15 Jan 2021 21:02 UTC
Quote:Miniaturized fission plants are smaller, safer, cheaper, and now far closer to being a reality.

So that would be the nuclear industry favorite, SMRs, destined to get easy financing.  

Another technology getting started, plasma reactors.


Quote:SAFIRE can create, control, contain, sustain, and repeat-at-will any number of plasma regimes. No other technology in the world can do this.

Seven years of empirical testing has resulted in a unique patented stable spherical "SAFIRE" plasma reactor.  AUREON ENERGY LTD. will commercialize the SAFIRE technology into three key markets:

> clean energy production
> heating
> remediation of nuclear waste

Each market in itself represents a trillion dollar industry over the next ten years. AUREON ENERGY is currently engaging investors to commercialize the technology.


I liked the remediation of nuclear waste part, plenty of that lying around.
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