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Cosmic radiation hazard to space exploration
Chernobyl fungus could shield astronauts from cosmic radiation
A recent study tested how well the fungi species Cladosporium sphaerospermum blocked cosmic radiation aboard the International Space Station.
03 August, 2020
Quote:Radiation is one of the biggest threats to astronauts' safety during long-term missions.
C. sphaerospermum is known to thrive in high-radiation environments through a process called radiosynthesis.
The results of the study suggest that a thin layer of the fungus could serve as an effective shield against cosmic radiation for astronauts.

Space Radiation Devastated the Lives of Apollo Astronauts | Observer
New research points to serious concerns about human survival during deep space travel.
By Robin Seemangal • 07/28/16 2:21pm
Quote:Exposure to cosmic radiation—specifically, charged high-energy protons—causes permanent tissue damage to DNA molecules, effectively shutting down the body’s ability to repair itself. Previous studies have also shown the increasing risks of cardiovascular disease from exposure to low-energy radiation like x-rays or gamma rays.
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