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WEBCAM December 2020
Post webcam observations for December here. Observations should start with a date and ‘jst’ time (Japan Standard Time) and camera(s). Describe as best as possible what you see. Contribute data such as weather conditions, work activities, TEPCO or local news reports, radiation readings, earthquake activity, or any information that documents events occurring at Daiichi. Comments and analysis welcome. Help keep an eye on TEPCO's disaster site.

TEPCO Cameras

Time Lapse Archives
Fukushima Daiichi

Environmental Archives
Archive of ENENews

Another way for anyone to contact me, Café Rad Lab administration, email: CafeRadLabHorse@gmail.com
or Twitter @CafeRadLabHorse
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."

Don't you like this Caspar David Friedichesque sunrise?

I wonder what will allow us to watch Tepcams when Adobe Flash Player is gone and then I think of you Horse and the fact that you've always proved so reliable, Tepcamwatchingwise.
All the best.

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Sorry for the unintended last useless frame.
This cloudy sunrise is one of had work for operators on Fuk.
First I was mesmerized by quick door like flashes,
first behind the top right corner of #R1 then the front crane lifted it at 07 44 ST.
On the second pic, as front crane leads the thingy around R1,
flashes again but I couldn't catch those.
At 7:55, it circled back. It's 08 06 and here it goes again, a red flash this time.
and again 08 13
Managed to catch the bright flash on the last pic.
12-11  Felibi, thanks for posting.  Your one picture isn't messed up, right click on it and the image opens nicely in another tab to see the whole picture.  The blinking lights on the crane load are pretty hard to capture. Sometimes they're the first sign something is being lifted in front of R1 or R2.  

I think Tepco started messing with cam1 today.  I had just reset the recordings and cam1 dropped out.  When I restarted it, the web page was formatted differently and the camera feed was smaller.  I restarted the recording but I had to have the zoom set at 400 to get anywhere near full screen.  While it's recording I used another computer to grab a picture shortly after 14:00.  Maybe Tepco is playing with the format to get it ready for next year when Adobe Flash player goes away.    


Seems okay now.  Here's what it looked like for awhile today.  

"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
12-11  Now Tepco's messing with Cam4.  

"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
12-16  I caught a bit of smoke coming from the left side of cam4.  Sorry for the picture sizes, I've got some adjustments to make with the new camera format.  


"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Hi Horse and all. I've ust uninstalled Adobe Flash layer.
Now, I'm glad to find the webcams still running.
So I think it has been successfully uninstalled but that Tepco is still allowing us to watch the live feed on Fuk.
It certainly is ludicrous to keep watching Fukushima Daiichi but for some reason, I feel compelled to do so. At least from time to time.
I realize it will soon be ten years. It sends shivers through my brain.
Take care all. Lots of smiles and peaceful thoughts.
January 2nd
Tepco 's view of "side of unit 4" is available. 20 56 JST. I'll try to have a look at sunrise.
Nothing on "side of unit 1" though. It keeps loading.
All the best folks. Smiles and laughter for 2021.

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