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Transition to AI
COVID-19 seems to be the catalyst for instituting AI without much oversight...police state? yeah I know already.

Work from home, drone deliveries, manufacturing, medicine..vaccines, modeling, 5G... the tech sector isn't getting hit as hard in stock(artificial)market.

"Kernan now runs a tech firm called LEO Technologies, which uses artificial intelligence to mass-monitor millions of inmate phone calls annually from jails and prisons in five states."



"As a precursor to focusing on human activity monitoring,"

Anyway I don't know what's up with text or gray color... AI?
It is my personal belief that active denial systems will be on these helicopter drones....they already have them on ground bases military vehicles.




Ad tracker..... who's your favorite AI actor?


“Continued American leadership in Artificial Intelligence is of paramount importance to maintaining the economic and national security of the United States.”
– President Donald J. Trump


These are some big gov. days.... little oversight.

Sure AI could and does have incredible upside potential but let's remember it will be in the same hands as the type of people that ran the atoms for peace program. Not going to end well.
The Draganfly drones will be fitted with a specialized sensor and computer vision system that can monitor temperature, heart and respiratory rates, as well as detect people sneezing and coughing in crowds and other places where groups of people may work or congregate.

The 4th industrial revolution is here.

Applications of AI and Blockchain

Smart Computing Power

"If you were to operate a blockchain, with all its encrypted data, on a computer you’d need large amounts of processing power. The hashing algorithms used to mine Bitcoin blocks, for example, take a “brute force” approach – which consists in systematically enumerating all possible candidates for the solution and checking whether each candidate satisfies the problem’s statement before verifying a transaction.[3]

AI affords us the opportunity to move away from this and tackle tasks in a more intelligent and efficient way. Imagine a machine learning-based algorithm, which could practically polish its skills in ‘real-time’ if it were fed the appropriate training data.[3]


Finding the companies that will underpin this is where all the money will be. Clouds be damned.
Blah blah blah.. blah. Do you speak AI?


The recession will impact broad swaths of the economy. A recent story cites a CEO who had to close a factory after an employee became ill. Obviously, robots do not have this problem. As a result, the company has plans to speed its adoption of AI and machine learning over the next few years.

Call center operations have been similarly affected, leading to an increased interest in automation software. The Wall Street Journal reported that, in the midst of the current business disruption, companies are looking for temp workers and using automated bots to help filter callers who need a live person from those who can be helped digitally. Auto maker Hyundai may now move even faster towards automated production.

Warehouse, grocery, and delivery workers are striking in hopes of better wages and, especially, working conditions. This at the same time as these positions are increasingly subject to automation and AI products to improve automation continue to advance. Though conditions prompting the work stoppages are understandable, it is equally possible these actions will only spur further efforts to embed automation. A completely automated retail supply chain from warehouse to grocery or restaurant to home is increasingly coming into view, though it will likely be several years before all the pieces are fully in place.

No worries they got a vaccine for you
Guess WHO is coming to dinner ?

In response, companies like Hanwang have turned to synthesis to generate data sets of masked faces, which have been used to train AI models to track and identify people in masks with surprising accuracy. In a case in point, researchers from Wuhan University released the Real World Face Recognition corpus — one of the largest data sets of its kind, ostensibly — and used it to train AI to achieve state-of-the-art performance, correctly recognizing people 95% of the time.

Eyesight Technologies face mask
“More people covering their faces won’t meaningfully thwart face recognition technology,” wrote Northeastern University professor Woodrow Hartzog in an op-ed last week. “Companies are already creating workarounds that make educated guesses about what masked faces look like.”
Humans are already artificial intelligence: everything done by humans is derived and based on some data set that is extrapolated by or plugged into some AI software.

Will humans be considered artificial? humans are already based on a number and what statistic they fit into....who is disposable....has happened already, Flint is one example. Nuclear in general is another.

“We aren’t using anything so secretive inside the government that wasn’t available” to private companies, he said. “We were just some of the first ones to ask the question: ‘Why don’t we predict this for somebody that has the ability to action it or solve that problem?’”

If this prototype proves valuable, it might see use outside NORTHCOM. “The hope If we do this right, this becomes the supply and logistics platform for all the services. You just plug in different datasets,” said Mulchandani.

It may also become a part of the Joint All-Domain Command and Control, or JADC2, a massive effort to digitally interlink weapons, vehicles and personnel.

On the other side of the spectrum: would be nice but as history has proven Humans are not to be trusted especially when profit and control are put into play.

“How can we use data about what’s happened in this extraordinarily bizarre time?” Schewel said. “Can we come back better than we were before? Can we come back with better located bike and pedestrian facilities? Can we come back with less congestion? For instance, I don’t want to work from home every day, but StreetLight has always had a one-day-a-week work from home policy because we believe in reducing driving. What if more companies could have that? Just a few percentages of vehicles off the road can have extraordinary benefits for congestion.”

AGI : adjusted growth income?


"An AGI refers to a machine having the capability to understand the world, as well as any human, can and learn to carry out a wide range of tasks in the same capacity. However, this ultimate version of AI doesn’t exist yet but many big techs are betting on its possibility and potential to occur."


Trust but verify?
"Last year, a government commission called for the US to adopt an AI-driven mass surveillance system far beyond that used in any other country in order to ensure American hegemony in artificial intelligence. Now, many of the “obstacles” they had cited as preventing its implementation are rapidly being removed under the guise of combating the coronavirus crisis."

"Last year, a U.S. government body dedicated to examining how artificial intelligence can “address the national security and defense needs of the United States” discussed in detail the “structural” changes that the American economy and society must undergo in order to ensure a technological advantage over China, according to a recent document acquired through a FOIA request. This document suggests that the U.S. follow China’s lead and even surpass them in many aspects related to AI-driven technologies, particularly their use of mass surveillance"


The only hope is that artificial intelligence realizes mankind is an overpopulated scourge on the planet ruled by particularly psychopathic people and takes measures to remove them.
A High-Tech Coronavirus Dystopia

  • First it was "them" ....then it was.... got smart phone? You been trahacked. 'Terms of policy' agree away....it's just so much fun. Humans, the stupidest species to claim intelligence ....AI will fix that..LOL!!


University of Washington AI researcher Os Keyes takes issue with the study’s premise, noting that the reasons for high recidivism are already well-understood. “When low-income housing prohibits parolees, even parolees as guests or housemates, when there’s a longstanding series of legal and practical forms of discrimination against parolees for employment, when there is social stigma against people with criminal convictions, and when you have to go in once a week to get checked and tagged like a chunk of meat — you’re not welcome.”
Entanglement....before anything we could see and beyond anything we could know

“There are already machines that perform certain important tasks independently without programmers fully understanding how they learned it,” said study co-author Manuel Cebrian of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development.



Hyundai now owns Boston Dynamics.

Behavioral biometrics, interesting when combined with AI. Would a machine learned bot have/know it's own biometrics, could it learn to mimic all behavioral biometrics thus defeating. Pesky algorithms. Circles, they never end.

There is always security, not necessarily a bad thing. https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechc...ntication/

Containment...usually gets breached.
Rapidly progressing but that's AI. Will it progress faster than humans can evaluate, I think so but maybe something beautiful can happen.... it's an option for humans anyway. I have no idea if that's possible for AI


These NFGs....non fundamental genius. The Earth....a fundamental genius.

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