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60-fold excess of radiation levels Moscow

February 2020 - Moscow recorded a 60-fold excess of radiation levels in the area of the new highway. Ministry of Emergencies denies everything Evgenia Malyarenko, Natalya Telegin


Local residents and activists who are on duty on the slope of the Moscow River, where authorities are planning to build a new expressway - the Southeast Chord, recorded five surges in radiation over the past weekend in this area. They reported this to Open Media. The highest level - 18.06 microsievert per hour - the FSUE Radon sensor on the slope showed on the evening of February 9. The corresponding video on his Facebook page was published by the municipal deputy from the Pechatniki district Sergey Vlasov. He noted that the recorded indicators are 60 times higher than the norm.

A radiation repository in the construction area of the new highway New Highway - the Southeast Chord, which, according to city authorities, should connect the Enthusiasts highway and the Warsaw highway, is being built in the south of the capital near the Kolomenskoye park. The project received wide publicity last summer, when activists found that the construction zone of the chord passes through a radioactive repository.


Sixty times background is a very significant detection!


"After that, the leadership of Radon arrived on the slope urgently, the parliamentarian said. Representatives of the enterprise suggested that such jumps were caused by "electrical interference", the deputy explained. Later, the director general of the Radon Federal State Unitary Enterprise Alexey Luzhetsky explained officially the failure of high radiation rates in the capital. “Since the sensor is still in setup mode, the readings may be confused."

Was the detection equipment malfunctioning?

This type of radiation detection equipment is already calibrated and tested, before it is located at a site.

Article: (In Russian, so you will need to use Google translate.)

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December, 2019
The 34-km (21-mile) road, which city authorities say is safe and will help ease traffic, is set to pass the Moscow Polymetal Plant and a fenced-off site where it disposed of radioactive substances decades ago.

On a frigid afternoon in the capital’s southeast last week, activists were out testing the subsoil near the planned road and took radiation readings they said were many times higher than they should be.

Vasily Desyatkov, a senior city construction official, said surface and underground tests carried out where the foundations of the road were due to be laid had turned back normal readings that show there is no risk.

But that has not placated activists who have led a series of protests in recent months.

“It could lead to the release of radionuclides contained in the soil which will be dispersed with the dust. They will be spread everywhere - on people’s feet, car wheels, anything,” said Igor, a protester at a small demonstration last month.

“People will breathe them in and we all know full well what that leads to,” he said.

https://www.eurasiareview.com/19072019-i...stes-oped/ July, 2019
Is Moscow About To Follow Regions With Protests About Disposal Of Radioactive Wastes?
Rashid Alimov, an activist for Greenpeace Russia, and Sergey Vlasov, a city deputy, are calling attention to the fact that the government plans to build a new highway directly above a place where officials admit there are still tens of thousands of tons of radioactive wastes https://www.novayagazeta.ru/articles/201...-poglubzhe

The project, to develop the southeast “chord” of the highway network is slated to pass over territory where a plant has been dumping radioactive wastes since the 1930s. Small amounts of these wastes have been removed as a result of concerns about workers there over the last 20 years, but now the full extent of the problem is becoming obvious.

Construction could throw particles of this waste into the atmosphere or water supply and cause serious health problems.  But at present there are no plans to move the road or engage in a serious clean up because the costs of doing either are too high and the demands for the relief of Moscow’s traffic problems too great.
[Image: 1581304428_171.jpg]

This short video image shows another high reading in a separate location, that week. If true, the calibration theory does not hold water.

Russian citizens and activists, boots on the ground...

Thanks for those links. They provide more detailed information on the source of the 60X background detection in Moscow.
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The purpose of life is to learn to express your personal energy Creatively and Lovingly!


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