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Nuclear; full spectrum failure
New research has found that almost all nuclear power plants built since the nuclear industry’s inception have generated large financial losses.  And, they dont protect the world from climate change...and they poison the living world in mega catastrophes.  

"The debate on effective climate protection is heating up in
Germany and the rest of the world. Nuclear energy is being
touted as “clean” energy. Given the circumstances, the present
study analyzed the historical, current, and future costs and
risks of nuclear energy. The findings show that nuclear energy
can by no means be called “clean” due to radioactive emissions, which will endanger humans and the natural environment for over one million years. And it harbors the high risk
of proliferation. An empirical survey of the 674 nuclear power
plants that have ever been built showed that private economic
motives never played a role. Instead military interests have
always been the driving force behind their construction. Even
ignoring the expense of dismantling nuclear power plants and
the long-term storage of nuclear waste, private economy-only
investment in nuclear power plant would result in high losses—
an average of five billion euros per nuclear power plant, as one
financial simulation revealed. In countries such as China and
Russia, where nuclear power plants are still being built, private
investment does not play a role either. Nuclear power is too
expensive and dangerous; therefore it should not be part of
the climate-friendly energy mix of the future."

IPCC acknowledges the important role of nuclear energy in the fight against climate change

Really? IPCC pushing poison to save the climate?

Nuclear Power: Totally Unqualified to Combat Climate Change
An Open Letter from the World Business Academy to leading climatologist Dr. James Hansen regarding his advocacy of nuclear power as a solution to global warming.

On Leonardo Dicaprio's site,  seven reasons nuclear is not the answer to solve climate change

"This Nuclear Sacrifice Zone is Helping Save the Climate"
These atoms are for peace, can't have peace without war/murder...duh

"Using nuclear power for high-energy weapons also creates targeting dilemmas for the U.S. and foreign militaries. High-energy weapons and their support infrastructure, including reactors, may be initial targets in a conflict. The social, environmental, and reputational impacts of damaging a nuclear reactor, particularly on a country’s home territory, or with effects on a third country, could lead to conflict escalation and international condemnation……."

"shovel-ready" = grave - diggers


"These reactors can all play a crucial role in the post-pandemic recovery, and each and every one will create considerable societal benefits, but to ensure these are realised we must put mechanisms in place to value nuclear’s unique attributes. Further “shovel-ready” projects exist in the form of ensuring the long-term operation of existing nuclear reactors. Securing continued generation from the about 290 reactors which have been operating for more than 30 years is the cheapest way to generate low-carbon electricity."

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