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Failure to Store Nuclear Waste
There has been a failure to store nuclear waste in long term facilities, while the apocalyptic danger of spent fuel pools looms over humanity and the living world.  Our descendants will have to manage and pay for this folly for many centuries to come.

"The NRC’s 2007 own dispersion model used by emergency responders estimated that within six hours of pool drainage, following a major earthquake at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, spent fuel cladding will catch fire, releasing approximately 86 million curies of radioactive material into the atmosphere. Of that, about 30 percent of the radio-cesium in the spent fuel (roughly 40 million curies) would be released—more than 150 percent of the amount released by all atmospheric nuclear weapons tests. "

The nuclear tests have been estimated by the European Committee on Radiation Risk to have killed 60 million people.


"Other than a major
war, there are few, if any, technological mishaps that
can hold a candle to the consequences of a major power
reactor spent fuel pool fire."

"As with the financing of new nuclear reactors, the cost implications of managing and eventually disposing of nuclear waste, including spent fuel, are forever escalating. What is clear is that no country has a credible estimate of the total costs that will be incurred to manage nuclear waste over many decades let alone centuries."


"The use of nuclear power to generate electricity over the past six decades has created a nuclear waste crisis for which there is no solution on the horizon, but which will require the safe storage and management, and ultimately final disposal for hundreds of thousands of years forever. "


"Their toxicity in general terms, both
radioactive and chemical, is greater
by far than any industrial material with
which we have hitherto dealt in this
or in any other country."

Johns Hopkins University professor Abel Wolman in January 1959
at the first U.S. congressional inquiry into nuclear waste..

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