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IAEA assesses Safety of SMRs
Published 2014, though CAREM 25 Argentina work has now, late 2019, been halted due to amongst other things "design changes and late delivery of technical documentation"... 


Progress in Methodologies for the Assessment of Passive Safety System Reliability in Advanced Reactors
Results from the Coordinated Research Project on Development of Advanced Methodologies for the Assessment of Passive Safety Systems Performance in Advanced Reactors

For sale only 2014

This publication summarizes the results of an IAEA coordinated research project on the development of advanced methodologies for the assessment of passive safety system performance in advanced reactors. It includes discussions on various methodologies to assess the performance of passive engineered safety features in innovative small reactors, including the Indian AHWR 300 LEU and the Argentinian CAREM25. The publication focuses on the different reliability assessment approaches, methodologies, analysis and evaluation of the results and technical challenges. It provides the insights resulting from the analysis on the technical issues associated with assessing the reliability of passive systems in the context of nuclear safety and probabilistic safety analysis. A viable path towards the implementation of the research efforts in the related areas is also delineated.
Nuclears cart has and always will be, in front of its horse.

No offense, Horses...

Argentina reaches generator milestone for CAREM-25
08 May 2018

The CAREM Project has reached a new milestone in the development of the 12 steam generators for the prototype CAREM-25 in Argentina. More than 700 tubes, each 35 meters long, have been delivered to the site, Combustibles Nucleares Argentinos (CONUAR), announced on 4 May.

CAREM - the name is taken from Central ARgentina de Elementos Modulares - is Argentina's first domestically-designed and developed 25 MWe nuclear power unit. The prototype of the small pressurised water reactor design is being built at a site adjacent to the Atucha nuclear power plant in Lima, 110 km northwest of Buenos Aires. First concrete was poured for the reactor in February 2014, marking the official start of its construction. At least 70% of the components and related services for CAREM-25 are to be sourced from Argentine companies.

CONUAR said it had developed the tubes jointly with the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA), mainly through the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Non Destructive Testing of the CAREM Area Management, and Fábrica de Aleaciones Especiales (FAE), which was in charge of the equipment's production. Manufacturing of the pipes required the construction and commissioning of the world's longest vacuum furnace for stress relief thermal treatment, CONUAR said.

The Alloy 690 tubes were manufactured according to EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) guidelines and a series of additional requirements established by the CNEA.

"As these pipes must be straight and seamless, FAE had to build a special furnace over 37m long, specially designed for the treatment of this kind of pipes at temperatures between 500 and 850 degrees Celsius," CONUAR said.
Carem25 nuclear power plant Monitoring in Argentina

Deformation and temperature monitoring of the concrete in the containment chamber.
Argentine Carem Reactor25
The monitoring project with Cementys started in 2016 and the last on-site intervention dates from December 2018.

Pictures and graphs...
Progress in Nuclear Energy
Volume 99, August 2017, Pages 185-195
Progress in Nuclear Energy
Neutronic simulation of CAREM-25 small modular reactor

Authors S.Tashakora E.Zarifib M.Naminazarib
Department of Renewable Energy, Shiraz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shiraz, Iran
Reactor Research School, Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, Tehran, Iran

Received 27 August 2016, Revised 18 May 2017, Accepted 19 May 2017, Available online 3 June 2017.


CAREM is an Argentine project aimed to achieve the development, design and construction of an innovative small and integrated nuclear power plant.

Neutronic calculations are performed using WIMS, CITATION and MCNPX codes.

The results show that the reactor core has 49 mk excess reactivity with CITATION code and 55 mk with MCNPX code.

The main aim of CAREM25 is to validate the innovation of CAREM design, especially regarding safety features. Therefore, the CAREM25 will not only be to perform as a standard electricity generator, but to gather information (operational, simulation of incidents, activation of the different systems, fuel replacement, etc.) after its start-up, with the purpose of obtaining the data required to complete the engineering of the commercial versions of this reactor. In addition, once in operation the prototype will allow to offer to potential buyers an ideal facility to train operators and to study the overall operation of this kind of reactors.
Besides providing the information needed to engineer the commercial scale NPP, the CAREM25 prototype will also facilitate the licensing process of the commercial future versions of this kind of reactors.
...The CAREM NPP can represent the ideal solution for nuclear newcomers without significant prior experience in building and operating nuclear reactors and may facilitate the licensing process.

1 Head of Administrative Appeals at the Legal Affairs Office of CNEA. 8250 Del Libertador Ave., (1429) Buenos Aires, Argentina. Email: lmolina@cnea.gov.ar
2 Head of Contracts at the Legal Affairs Office of CNEA. 8250 Del Libertador Ave., (1429) Buenos Aires, Argentina. Email: tucci@cnea.gov.ar
3 Head of Labor Suits at the Legal Affairs Office of CNEA. 8250 Del Libertador Ave., (1429) Buenos Aires, Argentina. Email: dusau@cnea.gov.ar

More on the hype and the legal framework...
Undated, but likely early 2000's. Specifics on construction design included.. Fukushima gave SMRs a free pass, which quickly became nuclears answer to their prayers in 2011, despite untested, unfinished designs and the same cost overruns and design issues of the older models. A desperate plead to save an already dead industry.

CAREM Prototype Construction and Licensing Status

The CAREM project consists on the development, design and construction of the prototype of an advanced small nuclear power plant. CAREM 25 is an indirect cycle reactor with some distinctive features that greatly simplify the reactor and also contribute to a higher level of safety. Some of the high level design characteristics of the plant are: integrated primary cooling system, self-pressurised, primary cooling by natural circulation, safety systems relying on passive features. Therefore, many technical and economical advantages are obtained with the CAREM 25 design compared to the conventional designs. After several years of development the CAREM Project reached such a maturity level that the Argentine government decided the construction of CAREM prototype. Several activities are ongoing with the purpose of obtaining the Construction License for CAREM Prototype. The construction of the CAREM 25 is expected to be finished by the end of 2014****

Its no secret that Argentina is corrupt, financially troubled,  and unstable. 

"A major reason for the persistence of organized crime in Argentina is deeply embedded corruption. Criminal organizations throughout the country have built strong relationships with top local officials, and inefficiency and corruption in the judicial system have contributed to impunity in many cases."

They will be dumping SMRs and nuclear waste in the ocean, in land dumps and who knows where.   This has happened throughout the history of nuclear

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