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The Living Earth is Small
One of the greatest impediments of mankind to live sustainably on this planet is that we have an idea the earth is large.  In fact the biosphere is relatively small. If the biosphere was put in a sphere,  It would take about three hours to fly in an airliner across the diameter of the entire living world, including all of the water in the oceans.   

As Henrik Nordborg says "This green sphere thus represents the totality of habitable space in the known universe. It is roughly ten times smaller than the Moon and we basically use it as a sewer!"    https://nordborg.ch/2019/01/09/rising-to...challenge/

Henrik Nordborg advocates a consumer/economic strike.  This is because it is the forces of the economic/political systems which are largely responsible for destroying the Living World. Mankind needs to de-fund the large corporate/political entities which exploit the biosphere and geosphere.  

Our species must realize that the size of the earth is very much smaller than we imagine it to be.  All that we take from it and all the waste we ask it to detoxify...the entire living system of the planet, is represented by that green dot, one tenth the volume of the moon.  All of the people and other animals and plants and all the water of the oceans are in that volume.  It is our species which is radically destroying the living system of the planet.

[Image: earthmoonbio.png?w=1100&ssl=1]
The biosphere has a simple relationship of organisms which is the requirement for sustainability.  It must consist mainly of plants with each level of consumer not more than 10%  of that below it.  

 Somewhere in our primal consciousness we know the Living World  must be blue-green and we love and cherish this color of the planet.  Mankinds relentless activity is turning a blue green planet into a brown one.  This is called desertification, deforestation, mining,  and pollution.

[Image: pyramid.jpg]

A primary requirement for sustainability of a biosphere is that the waste of the life forms MUST be biodegradable. 

"In a closed ecological system, any waste products produced by one species must be used by at least one other species. If the purpose is to maintain a life form, such as a mouse or a human, waste products such as carbon dioxide, feces and urine must eventually be converted into oxygen, food, and water."
Very nice Code , finally a formula to work with.
Could be Very helpfull in the reforestation and other restoring departments etc..

I guess its save to say we are of the scale..

"A primary requirement for sustainability of a biosphere is that the waste of the life forms MUST be biodegradable.
Absolutely! Or kept in a separate controlled loop without touching/contaminating/distorting/blocking the balance of the biochemical reaction/biomass EVER..but you can't trust humans with that..manmade nuclear pollution in everyone/every being , being prime example..
 just 5% of the Earth’s land surface is currently unaffected by humans
far lower than a previous estimate of 19%.

95% of the Earth's land surface has some indication of human modification, while 84% has multiple human impacts, the study found.

"Only one-fifth [of species] have been stopped in the slide down towards extinction. Four-fifths have been continuing in spite of all our efforts around the world,"


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