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anti-nuke website listings
Since the post was lost, I'll repost Mack's list from ENENews.  Please add to the list.  

August 12, 2017 at 1:24 am • Reply
Cripes, there has been so much immature arguing on ENENews lately that it's distracting away from the fact there are mature adults are out there who are still working hard to bring us the truth about the dangers of nuclear energy, etc.

Here are a few of them, and you should be supporting them by listening to their interviews and reading their blogs:

(1) Nuclear Hotseat; the latest interview from Libbe HaLevy is timely and concerning:

"Garrett Graff, author of RAVEN ROCK: The Story of the US Government’s Secret Plan to Save Itself While the Rest of Us Die"


(2) http://www.simplyinfo.org

(3) https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/tag/video-blog/

(4) http://www.nuclear-news.net

(5) Sean a/k/a arclight: https://europeannewsweekly.wordpress.com/

(6) http://www.caferadlab.com

(7) Michael's great work: https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/

(8) Ton Kraanen's scoop it:


(9) Lucas' enformable which FYI contains the original FOIA info on Fukushima


(10) And of course majia, read her new blogpost on Tritium in us all:

"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Hey, CafeRadLab made the list!

Simply Info does a great job.  In my humble opinion they really missed the boat on Unit4.   The evidence...I mean the simple info is right there for anyone to see.  How could they miss it?

Mining Awareness is an amazing effort.  For my taste it stands with sites like Washingtons blog as being the great journalism of the time.

Arclight is like a lighthouse,  good work.  He is one of the few that uses the ECRR to full advantage.  Why the others dont is a mystery to me. 

MVB at allegedly apparent is the thoughtful soul who puts in long hours of sleuthing.  An unsung hero

 enformable seems to be offline at the moment

Nuclear News keeps up the good fight.  You see engaging headlines articles and photos on the first page...something missing from CRL.

Beyond Nuclear is professional.  Good for them!.   A nice article about Uranium in the body by Cindy Folkers   https://beyondnuclearinternational.org/2...ur-bodies/

Again, no mention of the ECRR group or Chris Busby. Uranium is Chris's  thing.  He did the Fallujah studies and came up with the astronomical dose coefficient for uranium particles...one which invalidates the concept of radiation dose, as its normally thought of.  His theory involves a secondary radiation from high atom weight elements resulting in very high local doses at the DNA.  

That changes the entire dialogue. Doesnt it? You can throw out the geiger counter, because a dose of radiation can have nearly no effect or a million times worse, depending on the element and its form.

So whats up with Beyond Nuclear and so many anti nuke sites that ignore the ECRR?  Is there something Im missing?  Chris is winning court cases...so

Majia's blog;   She keeps burning the torch of truth, even though it might risk her professorial standing at the university, and use up valuable personal time.  She wrote a great piece against relaxed protection standards to the ICRP  http://majiasblog.blogspot.com/2019/08/m...eased.html

Callabrese admits we should decouple the hormesis effect from positive benefits

The low dose argument...which is whether adding radioactive poison to the environment is not harmful, or even beneficial is dead in the water.  It is a logically flawed argument, as is easily seen in this graph

Thus there are no health arguments,  benign or positive, which support poisoning the ecosystem, regardless of how toxic or beneficial one believes low level radiation to be.  The only valid rationale  an authoritative institution or regulatory body has for allowing a poisoning of the ecosystem is to safeguard the monetary interests of the industry.  Period 

Again, this simple fact changes the entire argument.  One no longer has to argue the toxicity coefficients, to prove how bad the stuff is.  Once we see that raising the toxicity is simply that, with a detrimental effect, then the argument falls squarely on the motive of the regulation;   Its clear...abundantly clear,..that allowing radioactive poisoning of the living world does not safeguard health, it only safeguards shareholders of nuclear companies.   

Therefor the arguments being put forward strike me as verging on the weak.  They almost beg.   The real situation is that people who poison the world should be begging the people and animals for forgiveness...they should beg that their lives be spared!

Nuclear poisons have killed millions of innocent people and millions more animals, our co-inhabitants of space ship earth

This is surely one of the biggest crimes in history

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