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The Midas Touch
The reason the nuclear industry exists, ultimately, is because mankind's monetary and social systems are always motivated by stakeholder profit rather than for the benefit of  global health and wellbeing.  Endless growth and endless return on investment is a physical impossibility.  If it is not too late, human motive must put earth first and quit the capitalist profit model.  It is inevitable. 

from  'Ecological Economics', by Herman Daly and Joshua Farley;

"…we do not share the view of many of our economics colleagues that growth will solve the economic problem, that narrow self-interest is the only dependable human motive, that technology will always find a substitute for any depleted resource, that the market can efficiently allocate all types of goods, that free markets always lead to an equilibrium balancing supply and demand, or that the laws of thermodynamics are irrelevant to economics."

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