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WEBCAM July 2019
Post webcam observations for July here.  Observations should start with a date and ‘jst’ time (Japan Standard Time) and camera(s).  Describe as best as possible what you see.  Contribute data such as weather conditions, work activities, TEPCO or local news reports, radiation readings, earthquake activity, or any information that documents events occurring at Daiichi.  Comments and analysis welcome.  Help keep an eye on TEPCO's disaster site.  

TEPCO Cameras

Time Lapse Archives
Fukushima Daiichi

Archive of ENENews
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
2019 7 7  at least I get this closeup at 02 37 12 JST.
Never saw one like that up there.
This upthere web,  lasted for several minutes. It started a minute earlier and was over by 02 50.
Twisting and turning, sometimes strengthening, more like a neon light and in two instances, rainbow colored.
I was mesmerized.

Now the webs at the bottom remain and some very dim light over it. 
Nuky thoughts to you Horse and all here in CRL
Hi Felibi, steady raining at Fuku clouding up the tepcams.  I've seen some webs too.  I've only seen a little crane movement in the past week.  Not much to see on the tepcams and I haven't seen anything new about Fuku reported in the media.  I read that Japan was going to resume whale hunting.  I read many stories of starving sea birds, dolphins and whales emaciated and beaching,  The bounty of the sea was decimated by Fuku but all I see are scientists blaming Global warming and domic acid.  Fuku keeps spilling its guts into the Ocean and Japan isn't doing enough to stop Fuku from spreading radiation contamination to the sea.  Japan wants us to  keep smiling and pretending that Fuku didn't cause any problems while they spend money on other distractions.  I think the Grand Solar Minimum now making headlines will take care of any Global warming problems and weather extremes will get worse.  Yesterday, a severe hailstorm took out my garden and I won't be getting much of a harvest to help feed me this year.  It's hard for me to smile and pretend that away too.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
07-08  The work week started out with some crane movement.  I could see the flag or windsock moving in the wind on both cams.  On cam1 it shows up behind the vent tower when it moves but still not clear enough to identify it.  Here's pics of a load that showed on both cams.  

"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
TEPCO begins studying dislodged reactor cover
NHK WORLD - JAPAN   Wednesday, July 17, 5:07
Quote:The operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has begun a robot survey of a dislodged cover of the facility's No.1 reactor containment vessel. High radiation leaking from the area is hindering Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, from carrying out decommissioning work.

The roughly 500-ton, three-layer cover was dislodged by a hydrogen explosion after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Around the cover, radiation levels as high as 2.23 sieverts per hour have been detected.

TEPCO plans to remove 392 nuclear fuel assemblies from a cooling pool next to the reactor container.

Well, no wonder it's leaking radiation, the cover's been off this whole time.  So bad at first they put up temporary walls to cover Reactor 1 for a couple years.  The temporary walls were removed to allow the cranes to remove debris.  A big pile was hanging right over the cooling pool.  I read Tokyo Olympics will be having games a couple kilometers away next year.  

Nobody knows where all the radiations coming from.  MVB's had some unusual detections again.  

I still see sparks when I look for awhile.  A moon transit on cam 1 caught my eye and I noted a couple sparks.  

"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Close-up of a Screenshot 2019 7 28 23:43:23 JST Tepcam4
Purple lights, purple music. 
Bel été à vous tous... Second heatwave of the summer in France just cooled down. A third soon?
With our 58 reactors on 19 sites? And all the NPPs of the world...
interesting lights.  They have the appearance of powerful ionic discharges.
I still think those are just work lights.  They come on and go off just like the other work lights do.  

On 7-24 19:26 I noted the lights on again on R3, the four colored lights on the red building.  They were on the next night too, 7-25.  Not on, 7-26, but  I noticed a few distortions and sparks in the fog   I think the R3 lights have something to do with the spent fuel removal.  On 7-27 from 07:00 to 08:00 there was a thick smoke or fog that looked like it came from the csfp area, and I noted more sparking later in the evening.  I've noticed the pattern before, lights on the R3 building followed by fogging and what appears to be emissions from the spent fuel pool.  

"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Yes, I dont want to fan the flames of wild speculation!   Its the purple halo that caught my attention.  It seems to be at the top, rather than all around.      It could be chromatic aberrations from the camera lens. 

typical halo around lights are symmetric 

[Image: Kiboko-Enterprises_fairway-junction-stre...ject-1.jpg]

whereas ion corona is assymetric

[Image: 113035gssfig.gif][Image: download%2B(4).jpg]

camera lens effects can be anywhere.    We can delete these images after the discussion

[Image: fatal-motorcycle-crash.jpg]


Horse, do you think the 'sparks'  are in the atmosphere, or are they high energy particles hitting the CCD sensor?
High energy particles hitting the CCD sensor.  Cherenkov radiation.  Sparks all the time but mostly seen at night in the dark patches, ambient light hitting the sensors drowns them out.  Less sparks since they covered R3.  Your question is hard to answer, the radiation is in the atmosphere.  When the radiation hits the sensor the energy slows down below the speed of light and we see the Cherenkov radiation in the view.  The sparks are an indication of the radiation at the site.  There's really so little to see goin on in the tepcams, I'd have quit watching long ago but for the spark activity.  I'll add this too, the fog is a natural phenomena, radiation just nucleates more fog than might normally be in the atmosphere.  The lights Felibi pointed out may be light from gas burners.  I'm watching one now in the morning on Cam4, the one light on the left is still dimly visible and it's flickering off and on.  Is it something moving in front of the light to block it or just the way it fades out?  I don't think the lights are like some uncontrolled fire or anything, they seem related to the work activity.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
gas burners?  Any idea what the use would be?   Gas burning btw is ion discharge..  yeah,  quite a difference if they were say burning off hydrogen or if they were work lights.     

Cherenkov....you might be thinking of bremsstrahlung.  Cherenkov.. instead of being caused by slowing down, the high energy particle is going faster than light would normally go through some element...glass or sensor.   But it could be that the electron is simply activating a photosite in the sensor.

Yes, the cams are not as interesting as in the early days...but then anything could still  happen.  Nuclear is like a hideous monster.  You can never get too close or you die, but it needs constant attention or it turns on you and destroys entire cities.  And they have the audacity to call it safe, and (wretch) economical!

Im deleting the above post about the purple halo effect in 5, 4, 3, 2, ...
You don't have to delete them. Leave em up. Large sodium light bulb, Arc lights, Brown's gas burner???
The halo is an interesting effect and as you say it could just be lens refraction. Different light source might give off different refraction.

"Yes, the cams are not as interesting as in the early days...but then anything could still happen. "
The camera views have shrunk since the early days. Less is visible with the zoom in. The top part of the tower in cam1 will be cut down and we won't see much of it. As long as I can see the tepcams running, I guess something hasn't happened yet. Japan has had to make considerable effort to deal with Fuku. I see how slow and limited those efforts seem in the face of continuous radioactive contamination release. A bleeding sore on the environment. Monumental construction work to apply Band-Aids.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Browns gas....now you're talkin'.   

Not sure I like the screen grab of the Fox news...
Bremsstrahlung is electromagnetic radiation produced by the deceleration of a charged particle when deflected by another charged particle, typically an electron by an atomic nucleus. The moving particle loses kinetic energy, which is converted into a photon, thus satisfying the law of conservation of energy. The term is also used to refer to the process of producing the radiation.

Cherenkov radiation
"Pamela: It’s radiation that is generated when a particle passes through a medium at faster than the speed of light in that medium which is a really interesting thing to wrap your head around. As the particle goes through, at faster than the speed of light in that medium, it causes all of the particles around it, depending on what they’re made of, this is specific to dielectric materials to get aligned, then when they collapse back down to their normal state of chaos they give off photons which are organized and you are able to see the distribution of this color of light and detect it."
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
I just watched a 60 Minute special focused on the robots being developed and used at Fukushima Daiichi. Highlighting the robot technology while minimizing the real problems three meltdowns have caused.

Robots come to the rescue after Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster
Jul 28 2019
Correspondent Lesley Stahl
CBS News magazine 13:56
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."

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