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Yesterdays ( May 21, 2019 ) Event Notice page is missing. (noticed here http://caferadlab.com/thread-3541.html)


I know yesterday's data was there, I saw it, read it and posted relevant info in the Daily Dose morning report.

Last summer NRC made changes to the reporting systems. Prior to the change postings were being delivered to the public pages around 7:30 am ET. The changes I noticed led me to surmise that an automated system had been put in place. NRC posting to the public pages began showing up earlier, the earliest timestamp since the changes is 05:15 am ET.

But every now and then somethng happens and the NRC doesn't post until late.

In a world of instant comms and 'advanced technology' one would think that the NRC's public pages would
post data as it is received instead of this posting yesterdays activity in the morning today, if at all.

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