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UK Eyeing Northern Ireland for Nuke Waste

The UK Government are investigating the suitability of Newry and surrounding area of Mourne Mountains and Slieve Gullion as a potential venue for the storage of radioactive waste. It's one of four sub-regions in Northern Ireland that have been deemed potentially suitable for a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF).
Explaining the theory behind geological disposal the government publication says "In geological disposal, man-made or engineered barriers work together with the geology to provide long-term safety. Placing radioactive waste deep underground puts it far beyond people’s reach, so that it is safe and secure. The rock will shield people from the radiation and, depending on the rock type, will either limit or completely prevent radioactivity from moving towards the surface when other barriers eventually degrade. Disposal deep underground will also ensure that the waste can never be exposed at the surface even in the event of a change in sea level or future ice ages."
Commenting on the investigations South Down MP Chris Hazzard said “The latest proposal in a video from the British government’s Radioactive Waste Management group that parts of Co Down and Armagh could be used as a site to dispose of nuclear and chemical waste is totally unacceptable.
“Britain cannot use the north as a dumping ground for this hazardous and toxic material.
“Not only would this have dire consequences for our environment but it would also pose a serious health risk to the population."

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