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France, Crimes Against Humanity

10th October 2018 -‘Crimes against humanity:’ France to face lawsuit in ICC over nuclear tests in French Polynesia


The tests had provoked 368 instances of radioactive fallout, Maxime Chan, a member of a local association for the protection of the environment, told the UN committee, adding that the radioactive waste had also been dumped into the ocean in violation of the international rules.

France’s pacific territory is mostly known due to its popular tourist island of Tahiti but some of its atolls also served as nuclear test sites for some 30 years in the 20th century. It saw 193 nuclear tests carried out between 1960 and 1996, in which 150,000 civilian and military personnel were involved, according to AFP.

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EDF warns that some of its French nuclear plants have substandard welding

European Power and Gas Markets Go Crazy on French Nuclear

Just as demand for energy is ramping up ahead of the winter heating season, news that France’s nuclear plants may contain substandard parts took traders by surprise on Tuesday and set off a buying spree in the region’s natural gas and power markets.

It’s not the first time that Europe’s aging, but vital, fleet of atomic reactors is causing panic in the markets. Last year it was halts in Belgium that sent power soaring. And in years previous, other problems with French reactors kept many out of service for months on end.


French ministers criticise EDF over nuclear power delays

PARIS, Sept 30 (Reuters) - France’s environment minister on Monday criticised state-controlled power group EDF over various delays and problems with its nuclear power business, echoing similar critiques of EDF made by the finance minister.

“EDF needs to be held accountable,” environment minister Elisabeth Borne told RTL radio, echoing criticism made over the weekend by French finance minister Bruno Le Maire.

The French state owns 83.7% of EDF.

EDF this month announced welding problems at some of its nuclear reactors and extra costs at the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant in Britain. (Reporting by Sudip Kar-Gupta and Sophie Louet; editing by Darren Schuettler)
EDF to close nuclear plant early

By Max Bernhard
Published: Sept 30, 2019 3:24 a.m. ET


Electricite de France SA (EDF.FR) said Monday that it has applied to close its Fessenheim nuclear plant early, after signing a compensation deal with the French government.

The shutdown of the first reactor is planned for February next year, while the second reactor is scheduled to stop in June.

EDF said the application follows a protocol agreement reached with the French government last Friday, according to which EDF will receive nearly 400 million euros ($437.5 million) over a four-year period as compensation for the early closure of the plant.

EDF will also receive subsequent payments "for any loss of earnings, i.e. income from future power generation, based on Fessenheim's previous output figures, up until 2041, calculated 'ex post' on the basis of nuclear output selling prices, including observed market prices," it said.

The French government holds a stake of about 84% in EDF.
10 October 2019
French utility EDF said on 9 October repairs of faulty welds at unit 3 of the Flamanville nuclear plant in western France would boost the project’s cost by 14% to EUR12.4 billion ($13.6 billion).
Construction of the 1650MWe Flamanville 3 EPR started in December 2007, and it was initially expected to begin operation in 2013 at the cost of EUR3bn.
Flamanville 3 will be unable to load nuclear fuel before the end of 2022 as EDF needs to repair 66 welds, it said.
EDF’s preferred repair plan includes using remote-operated robots to conduct high-precision operations inside piping for eight welds. This would push net investment to EUR15.5 billion in 2020 and would trim net income by a projected EUR400 million next year, EDF said.
According to Bloomberg, EDF aims to secure regulatory approval for its repair plan by the end of next year. It also has a fallback option, which would involve extracting the piping to repair the welds. However, that would “probably lead to an extra delay of one year and an extra cost of 400 million euros,” EDF’s head of nuclear new build, Xavier Ursat, said on a conference call.
The French government has asked EDF to prove by the middle of 2021 that it can build competitively priced nuclear plants to replace some of its 58 ageing reactors.
EDF recently raised its cost estimate for two similar reactors at Hinkely Point C in the UK. The EPR being built at Olkiluoto 3 in Finland is ten years behind schedule and vastly over budget.

Nuclear: It's gonna cost ya...
EDF warns UK nuclear plant could cost extra $3.6 billion, see more delays
...EDF is already grappling with investigations into welding and steel used in its French reactors, and delays and cost over-runs to other new projects in France and Finland.

The British project cost hike also comes just days after the country saw an auction for offshore wind projects clear at a record low, raising questions of the cost competitiveness of new nuclear.
It has been described as a giant plughole under the sea, sucking in 130,000 litres of water a second along with vast numbers of fish.
The twin inlet tunnels stretching two miles out into the Severn estuary are so big that a double-decker bus could drive through them. The system will cool a new nuclear power station being built at Hinkley Point in Somerset but conservation groups say it will kill up to 250,000 fish a day and must be altered or scrapped.
They say that EDF, the French state-owned energy group, has grossly underestimated the system’s impact on marine life in the estuary, a special conservation area.

NOVEMBER 11, 2019
France's EDF extends Cruas nuclear reactors outage until Nov. 15

PARIS, Nov 12 (Reuters) - French utility EDF on Tuesday extended outages at its Cruas 2, 3 and 4 nuclear reactors until Nov. 15 following a 5.1 magnitude earthquake in southeast France that forced it to temporarily suspend electricity production at the plant.

A sensor at the plant was activated during the earthquake in the region on Monday, requiring the state-controlled utility to carry out further checks for potential damage.

France’s ASN nuclear safety agency on Monday said it was monitoring the situation and would decide when the reactors can restart. (Reporting by Bate Felix; editing by Jason Neely)
French operator EDF said the 43-year-old reactor was unplugged Saturday around 2 a.m., in a “very emotional moment.” The process went well, EDF said.


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