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Purex 2 Tunnel Grouting -- Link to Public Comments
Radioactive Waste -- Purex Tunnel Grouting -- Tunnel 2 -- Public Comment Period is Open

Public comments are open.   Some of the comments are pretty interesting, some are mundane, or just plain ineffective, or focusing on silly technicalities.     I liked the comment 2 steps below, which threatens officials with prosecution for waste fraud abuse.

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Thank you for your comments on the PUREX Storage Tunnels Permit Modification - 2nd Comment Period - Hanford.

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State: Colorado

PUREX Storage Tunnels Permit Modification - 2nd Comment Period - Hanford

You seek approval for covering up the radioactive waste, storing it away for someone else to deal with, shifting costs to the future. You don't know what else to do with it. If it's a temporary solution it complicates permanent remediation. If it's a permanent solution, it is inadequate. Would clay be a better, cheaper temporary solution? What would be the cost of a more permanent solution to make sure the unidentified radioactive waste does not get off-site or have a reaction where it is? I don't approve of your Band-Aid approach with grout.
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