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Suburb Poisoned by Shell Plutonium

20th October 2008 - Suburb Poisoned by Shell Plutonium

Extracts Video 1:

Ealing Studios video of the Ray Fox story. Fox and his family lived in Earley, Reading next to a Shell Petrochemical Terminal where a secret buried bunker is said to contain a nuclear reactor emitting radiation. A housing estate has been built on the former Shell site by Persimmon Homes.

Fox and his family have suffered dire consequences from the alleged radiation. Deadly contamination continued despite three attempts to decontaminate the Shell Terminal.

Extracts Video 2:

Channel 4 TV Mark Thomas' Secret Map of Britain: Page about Ray Fox and the most polluted house in Britain next door to an alleged buried top secret nuclear reactor on a former Shell petrochemical terminal.


Polluting a suburban environment with Plutonium and other radioactive material is very serious. So they try to cover it up, and then comment trolls try to make out that the victims are crazy, even though the area was tested and found to have the contamination!

Video 1

Suburb Poisoned by Shell Plutonium

Video 2

Shell Buried Nuclear Bunker

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This is what I fear for future generations, accidentally discovering some radioactive mess buried years ago and forgotten.
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