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WEBCAM August 2017
08-15 025102  Cali finds a double - green meanie.  My recording only had 6 frames of 025102 and I missed it.  Lost four frames of time in the recording and missed a nice double.  Found a single green at 025103.

08-15 015859 spark.bmp
08-15 020006 spark.bmp
08-15 020137 spark.bmp
08-15 025103 spark.bmp

08-15 While I was just glancing at the monitors after dusk, I didn't notice any sparks until the burst started.  It was like a door opened and the crowd poured out.  Started scanning at 19:55.

08-15 200512 spark.bmp
08-15 200522 spark.bmp
08-15 200559 spark.bmp
08-15 200818 spark.bmp
08-15 200825 spark.bmp
08-15 201541 spark.bmp
08-15 201744 spark.bmp
08-15 202225 spark.bmp
08-15 202743 spark.bmp
08-15 202859 spark.bmp
08-15 202946 spark 1f.bmp
08-15 203217 d.bmp
08-15 203219 d end.bmp
08-15 203354 spark.bmp
08-15 203502 d.bmp
08-15 203503 d end.bmp
08-15 203644 spark.bmp
08-15 203705 spark.bmp
08-15 203733 spark.bmp
08-15 203938 spark.bmp
08-15 204110 spark.bmp
08-15 204541 d.bmp
08-15 204543 d end.bmp
08-15 204852 spark.bmp
08-15 205032 d.bmp
08-15 205034 d end.bmp
08-15 205409 spark.bmp
18 sparks
3 distortions

08-15 210035 spark.bmp
08-15 211347 spark pair.bmp

"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
08-17 Major Fuku fog overnight.  Scanned both tepcams from 21:30 to 22:30.  The sparks started on cam4 as the fog thickened and then developed on cam1 as the cloud drifted north.  It looks like CSFP vapor releases with a couple sparks on the south camera and then a burst on the north camera.  

08-17 214022 spark.bmp
08-17 214339 c4 spark.bmp
08-17 214542 spark pair.bmp
08-17 214743 spark.bmp
08-17 215149 spark.bmp
08-17 215341 c4 spark.bmp
08-17 215641 c4 d.bmp
08-17 215645 c4 d end.bmp
08-17 215713 spark.bmp
08-17 215731 spark.bmp
08-17 215908 spark.bmp
08-17 220524 spark.bmp
08-17 220604 spark double.bmp
08-17 220901 spark.bmp
08-17 221115 spark.bmp
08-17 221212 spark.bmp
08-17 221407 spark.bmp
08-17 221656 spark.bmp
08-17 222229 spark.bmp
08-17 222245 spark.bmp
08-17 222411 spark.bmp
08-17 222608 spark.bmp
08-17 222825 spark.bmp

19 cam1 sparks
2 cam4 sparks
1 cam4 distortion

"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
From the ENENews webcam forum,
August 18, 2017 at 10:11 pm · Reply
HORSE, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYrhWO_ZLYw&t=0s

Mini reactor- Sparks, just the same. Interesting comments…

August 20, 2017 at 11:39 am · Reply
Hillbilly, you ol' Hound Dog, this video identifies the blue glow as Cherenkov radiation and the sparks as gamma. One comment called out N-16; a neutron activated product with a 7 second half-life as the source of gamma; 10 mR/hr next to the pool. The tepcams are some distance from the reactors and the common pool so I think it must be other gamma sources at Dai-ichi. I still think the sparks indicate recent on-going fission. The other day I caught a couple cam4 sparks with some Fuku fog. Something is causing a radioactive cloud to expand and extend down to the south camera. What goes on at the common pool that we don't get a direct camera view of that area? It's a shame that tepco has reduced the cameras and views that we have access to, I really miss the chatter the webcam forum used to get. ENENews is suffering the same slowdown of news as tepco shoves Fukushima into the background. Lots of problems tepco doesn’t want to talk about; dumping tons of tritium to the ocean; hot particles all over Japan; what’s left in r3 to recover; will there be room in the common pool for another tank of spent fuel; why do the cameras still spark so much? The nuclear industry is in retreat but they have so many messes lying around, keep hounding them, Hillbilly.

Had to repost the video Hillbilly found.  A controlled, water shielded reactor was still releasing nuclear elements emitting Gamma radiation measured next to the pool and showing as the Cherenkov radiation sparks detected by the camera sensor.  A 10 mR/hr reading during a small spark burst on the video to roughly calibrate the Gamma of the spark bursts I still find on the tepcams.  The tepcams are important as uncensored gamma detectors even if the views don't always show much.  Maybe tepco hopes that no one is watching anymore.  

Was thinking about how empty R4 is now, maybe a cores worth left in the SFP.  The R4 extension work light is the first one to come on every night.  The pool might be a testing bed for their robots to remove nuclear debris.  Nah, tepco said it was empty and doesn't talk about R4 much.  

08-23 am watched some remote crane activity over r1 and some of the small ones in the foreground of cam4.  I've got some spark counts from 8-20 I'll get posted later.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
08-20 Spark report.  Scanned both tepcams from 23:00 to 01:00.  I didn't find any sparks on cam4 in the two hours.  I had noted a couple I thought might have been sparks.  One turned out to be a long pause of missing time and the other was a distortion.  I noticed a lot of missing time pauses on the cam4 recording, maybe a performance issue but some nights seem worse than others.  The cam1 recorder is a faster computer and I still get missing time on it.  However imperfect my attempts at documenting the tepcams are I'm still finding rapid spark bursts in the night.  

The first hour started fairly slow, 15 minutes between sparks the first half hour.  The distortions hit the camera and the sparks took off.  

08-20 231429 spark 3f.bmp
08-20 232018 spark.bmp
08-20 232437 d.bmp
08-20 232440 d end.bmp
08-20 232626 spark.bmp
08-20 232654 d.bmp
08-20 232655 d end.bmp
08-20 232750 d.bmp
08-20 232751 d end.bmp
08-20 232755 spark.bmp
08-20 233138 spark.bmp
08-20 233342 spark.bmp
08-20 233535 spark.bmp
08-20 234021 spark pair.bmp
08-20 234048 spark.bmp
08-20 234050 spark 1f.bmp
08-20 234200 spark.bmp
08-20 234247 spark.bmp
08-20 234316 spark 1f.bmp
08-20 234319 spark.bmp
08-20 234345 spark.bmp
08-20 234545 spark.bmp
08-20 234657 spark.bmp
08-20 234914 spark.bmp
08-20 235001 spark.bmp
19 cam1 sparks
3 cam1 distortions

A ten minute pause and another burst.  Nineteen sparks an hour indicates a lot of hot particles passing by the camera sensor.  I don't think there's any dramatic lowering of radiation at the site.  Tepco may have improved some locations but when I look, I'm seeing higher spark counts on the tepcams than last year.   Looked back at last August webcam and found counts between 12 to 15.  

08-21 000124 c4 d.bmp
08-21 000127 c4 d end.bmp
08-21 000233 spark.bmp
08-21 000451 spark pair.bmp
08-21 000458 spark 3f.bmp
08-21 000729 spark.bmp
08-21 000752 d.bmp
08-21 000754 d end.bmp
08-21 001029 spark.bmp
08-21 001032 spark.bmp
08-21 001717 spark.bmp
08-21 001846 d 7f.bmp
08-21 002036 spark.bmp
08-21 003142 spark 1f.bmp
08-21 003144 spark.bmp
08-21 003335 spark.bmp
08-21 003358 spark.bmp
08-21 003508 spark.bmp
08-21 003536 c4 d 7f.bmp
08-21 003715 spark.bmp
08-21 003809 spark.bmp
08-21 004720 spark double.bmp
08-21 005229 spark.bmp
08-21 005614 c4 d.bmp
08-21 005616 c4 d end.bmp
08-21 005738 spark.bmp
08-21 010557 spark.bmp
19 cam1 sparks
2 cam1 distortions
3 cam4 distortions

Spark reports wouldn't be complete without a few pictures.  I found a nice purple meanie.  

08-20 234021 spark pair
08-21 000451 spark pair
08-21 004720 spark double
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
08-24 While I was getting the 8-20 spark count posted I happened to notice two blips on cam4 about fifteen minutes apart.  That’s a small burst for cam4, had to check it out and found three sparks.  

08-24 204950 c4 spark
08-24 205109 c4 spark
08-24 210611 c4 spark
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
08-24 Added a couple of fancy sparks I spotted to the collection.  Now that tepco is back to work will they get the spark counts down?

"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
08-28 Saw a bright light over the csfp.  The light went off at 21:36.  Probably a work light when it repeated the next night 08-29.  I went looking for spark bursts but only found a slow steady stream anywhere from 4 to 10 minutes apart.  When tepco returned to work the first thing they did was send crane tools into r1.  Were the spark bursts from r1 or some other activity tepco performed during the break?  The spark bursts were somewhat alarming at 19 per hour.  Here's pics of the work light.

"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
08-30 early am, the new fuel removal crane came out of its shell today and moved back to the west end of r3.  They might be using it to move ring segments into place.  We’ll see if another ring segment gets added and towed into place on the sea side.  I saw workers moving across the top of r3 before they moved the frame but they don’t show clearly in the gray dawn.  Here’s some pics of the work this morning.  

"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."

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