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WEBCAM March 2020 - Horse - 03-06-2020

Post webcam observations for March here. Observations should start with a date and ‘jst’ time (Japan Standard Time) and camera(s). Describe as best as possible what you see. Contribute data such as weather conditions, work activities, TEPCO or local news reports, radiation readings, earthquake activity, or any information that documents events occurring at Daiichi. Comments and analysis welcome. Help keep an eye on TEPCO's disaster site.

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RE: WEBCAM March 2020 - Horse - 03-06-2020

03-06 Vent tower removal.


RE: WEBCAM March 2020 - Code - 03-06-2020

Decommission is perilous.  Here are a few historical notes in review to give a sense of the magnitude of the project.

Fuel removal from units 1&2 is now postponed by up to ten years from the initial target of 2018

More than 4,700 units of fuel rods remain at the three melted reactors and two others that survived the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. They pose a high risk because their storage pools are uncovered and a loss of water in case of another major disaster could cause the fuel rods to melt, releasing massive radiation.

More than 10,000 workers a year will be needed with about one third assigned to managing the radioactive water. Nuclear Regulation Authority Chairman Toyoshi Fuketa has expressed concerns about a possible labour shortage and Tepco has said it intends to hire workers under Japan's new policy that allows more unskilled foreign labour. However, that plan is on hold in the wake of government instructions to address language and safety concerns.

In 2018 three United Nations human rights experts have criticized the Japanese government for allegedly exploiting and putting at risk the lives of “tens of thousands” of people engaged in cleanup operations at and around the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.

“Workers hired to decontaminate Fukushima reportedly include migrant workers, asylum seekers and people who are homeless,”

 France prosecuted the chairman of the Japanese Olympics Committee for suspected bribery to gain votes, and the bribe was about 230 million yen (more than 2 million USD).

Health effects are downplayed and denied.
The number of surgeries for children under the age of one with complex congenital heart disease, or CHD, spiked by more than 14 percent.

RE: WEBCAM March 2020 - Horse - 03-08-2020

Decommissioning, that word was meant for ending normal operating plants, but the nuke industry co-opted the term for talking about cleaning up nuclear contaminated disaster sites. Once the nuclear material has spread all over, there is no gathering it all up again. The radioactive material at Fuku can only be moved to other locations for storage or dumping. By spreading it out, dilution, it becomes harder to measure but no less dangerous. They've been taking down the vent tower used to vent reactor 1. The tower was lethal for humans that got too close. What is happening to the sections of metal being removed?

RE: WEBCAM March 2020 - Horse - 03-08-2020

03-07 Sparks flying on both cams.  The boat goes by.  It looks like another piece of the superstructure is coming off, leaving a stub of vent tube showing.  

03-07 004134 c1.bmp
03-07 004134 c4 spark.bmp
03-07 004326 c1 spark.bmp
03-07 004552 c1 boat.bmp
03-07 005000 c1.bmp
03-07 005030 c1.bmp


RE: WEBCAM March 2020 - Horse - 03-08-2020

03-07 005100 c1.bmp
03-07 005100 c4.bmp
03-07 005130 c1.bmp
03-07 005200 c1.bmp
03-07 005200 c4.bmp
03-07 005230 c1.bmp
03-07 005300 c1.bmp
03-07 005300 c4.bmp


RE: WEBCAM March 2020 - HHD - 03-08-2020

Work on Fukushima plant, halted during 2016 G7 summit, to continue during Tokyo Olympics
March 04, 2020

RE: WEBCAM March 2020 - Horse - 03-16-2020

3-17 am   I noticed the vent tower cutting operation has had some problem with small sections of struts left on the top of the superstructure after the last superstructure cut earlier, that looked to interfere with how far down the little tube cutter could go.  Both cutters have made several trips to the top of the tower the last few days and nights.  About 9:20 today the larger superstructure cutter pulled away and it looks like it took the two small pieces with it.

Here's pics of 3-16 showing the large cutter coming down on cam1, the small struts still sticking up and what I think are sparks on cam4.


RE: WEBCAM March 2020 - Code - 03-17-2020

night time navigation. Helicopters and boats display green and red lights.   red light indicates a vessel's port (left) side; the green indicates a vessel's starboard (right) side.

RE: WEBCAM March 2020 - Horse - 03-17-2020

There was the thought that it might be a drone.  I looked for 10 minutes before and after for other lights that would indicate that it was a drone.  No other lights.  The two spark shots are pretty typical of sparks where I often find a small one followed by a big one.  The green spark looks exactly like previous sparks, I think it was Califnative that called them green meanies.  I have boat pictures day/night shots but they show only in the lower part of cam1 on either side of r1.  The sparks were up in the air, only two choices, Cherenkov sparks or a very unusual drone flight.  I've seen lots of sparks on cam1 while the cutting work goes on.  

03-17  Here's pics of the cutter coming off with the small sections that were holding up the show.  


RE: WEBCAM March 2020 - Horse - 03-18-2020

03-18  Things may not be okay with the vent tower cutting.  The little cutter didn't come right in for the tube.  There was good light in the day and it looks like at least one strut still sticks up and could be in the way.  


RE: WEBCAM March 2020 - Horse - 03-29-2020

What I thought was another strut must have just been the lighting.  The small cutter showed up to cut the vent tube.  I grabbed a few pictures.  

03-19 020405 c1.bmp
03-19 074426 c1.bmp
03-19 101342 c1.bmp
03-19 125912  c1.bmp
03-19 141104  c1.bmp
03-19 171300 c1 on.bmp
03-19 195234 c1 off.bmp
03-19 200015 c1 off spark.bmp
03-19 200210 c1 off.bmp
03-20 235524 c1 spark.bmp
03-21 001120 c1 spark.bmp
03-21 001703 c1 spark.bmp
03-21 002552 c1 spark.bmp

When they cut off sections of the vent tube the sparks really started to fly again.  


RE: WEBCAM March 2020 - Felibi - 04-09-2020

Hi Horse and all. Hope you're safe and sound. Even if I'm writing this in the March Webcam watching forum
but it's already April 10th in Japan.
Deep smiling breaths

RE: WEBCAM March 2020 - Felibi - 04-09-2020

Windsock shows it's very windy. Webcam 4 you can see the windsock very clearly just left on the vent tower in the foreground.