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manganese - Code - 01-13-2020

Manganese is the universal Ionizing radiation protection mineral.  But not just Manganese alone, it is conjugated with amino acids.    Excess manganese is neurotoxic.   

"Fifty years ago, scientists experimenting with gamma radiation to sterilize canned foods were surprised to find spoiled meat in cans zapped with what they thought were lethal levels of ionizing radiation (IR). Inside the bulging cans, they discovered a strain of bacteria now called Deinococcus radiodurans. This extremely resilient microbe can endure 100 times the IR levels that kill other bacteria and levels 2,000 times higher than the lethal human dose."

"Researchers investigating the nature of radiation toxicity long ago settled on DNA as its principal target. Within this framework, efforts to understand D. radiodurans’s resistance have focused on the mechanisms of DNA repair, with each study revealing seemingly greater levels of efficiency. Surprisingly, this extremophile relies on a set of apparently universal DNA repair proteins,"

"The researchers showed that the most resistant cells contained about 300 times more manganese and three times less iron than the most sensitive cells. In a new study investigating the functional consequences of this disparity, Daly et al. show that high cytosolic manganese and low iron concentrations facilitate resistance by protecting proteins, but not DNA, from IR-induced oxidative damage."

Be aware that excess manganese is toxic.  Recommended dose is close to 2mg/day.   You may get enough from your diet!   But theres more, glyphosate reduces manganese in plants

Across the tree of life, radiation resistance is governed by antioxidant Mn2+, gauged by paramagnetic resonance