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WEBCAM June 2018 - Horse - 06-02-2018

Post webcam observations for June here.  Observations should start with a date and ‘jst’ time (Japan Standard Time) and camera(s).  Describe as best as possible what you see.  Contribute data such as weather conditions, work activities, TEPCO or local news reports, radiation readings, earthquake activity, or any information that documents events occurring at Daiichi.  Comments and analysis welcome.  Help keep an eye on TEPCO's disaster site.  

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RE: WEBCAM June 2018 - Horse - 06-02-2018

Starting the month of June with a moon transit on cam1.  I thought it looked pretty cool now that we can see the reflection off the sea since they nudged that camera.  It was postcard pretty until a spark reminded me that it's still a radioactive disaster area and no longer a safe clean energy source.  

06-01 222310 moon tx.bmp
06-01 222700 moon tx.bmp
06-01 222930 moon tx.bmp
06-01 223000 moon tx.bmp
06-01 223832 moon tx.bmp
06-01 224500 moon tx.bmp
06-01 224522 spark.bmp
06-01 224925 spark.bmp
06-01 225758 spark.bmp


RE: WEBCAM June 2018 - Horse - 06-04-2018

06-02 This light on the r1 vent tower kept blinking all night.  Faked me out watching for sparks but I saw a few on cam1.  


06-03 Thick dense uniform fog rolled in and stayed thru the day.  Nothing to see but grey.  

06-04 Fog in the morning cleared up by noon.  I saw a couple tools on r1's remote crane.  


RE: WEBCAM June 2018 - Horse - 06-04-2018

06-04 19:50 I noticed the red light on the sea side of r2. It was on for a for a bit and when I glanced up again at 20:26 I noticed fog starting on both cams. It started out as that banded fog on cam4 looking like the picture of tritium fog. As the fog spread on cam1, I noticed a couple sparks. 20:44 fog has spread out and shows grey out on both cams. Now it looks like a normal fog but when it got started it looked like it was coming from r2. I'll try and get some pics up later.

Fog has cleared by 21:43. Red light by r2 still on.

Red light out. Fog built back in mostly in the south, cam4. 22:55 cam1 looks like it billows up out of the south end of r2.

RE: WEBCAM June 2018 - Horse - 06-05-2018

The fog billowed about but seemed the most dense over r2 and r3.  I caught a faint cam4 spark to start off with.  It isn't a full spark count, counting in shifting grey fog is tiring.  They'd blink and I'd grab 'em as I skipped thru the recordings.  I know fog is normal on a coast but Fuku seems to make some dense and unusual fogging along with blinking sparks and camera distortions.  

06-04 195128 c4 spark.bmp
06-04 202348 spark.bmp
06-04 202500 fog.bmp
06-04 202540 c4 fog.bmp
06-04 202600 fog.bmp
06-04 202640 c4 fog.bmp
06-04 202742 spark.bmp
06-04 203000 fog.bmp
06-04 203040 c4 fog.bmp
06-04 203129 spark 1f.bmp
06-04 203346 spark 3f.bmp
06-04 203907 c4 d.bmp
06-04 203908 c4 d end.bmp
06-04 204203 c4 d.bmp
06-04 204204 c4 d end.bmp
06-04 214040 spark.bmp
06-04 214458 spark.bmp
06-04 214554 spark.bmp
06-04 220000 fog.bmp
06-04 220040 c4 fog.bmp
06-04 220721 c4 d.bmp
06-04 220722 c4 d end.bmp
06-04 222848 spark pair.bmp
06-04 223000 red light out.bmp
06-04 223040 c4 fog.bmp
06-04 223200 spark.bmp
06-04 223227 spark.bmp
06-04 224500 fog.bmp
06-04 224540 c4 fog.bmp
06-04 225500 fog.bmp
06-04 225540 c4 fog.bmp
06-04 230000 fog.bmp
06-04 230040 c4 fog.bmp
06-04 230601 spark pair.bmp



RE: WEBCAM June 2018 - Horse - 06-07-2018

06-06  All the reactors and pool sources at Fuku contribute radionuclides in the air above the plant to promote fog.  I think the common spent fuel pool is usually the main culprit.  Just watching the last couple days as the fog forms this looks like r2 or r3 is suspect.  Stirring up r3 sfp or is it the hole they opened in r2?  My guess would be opening up r2.  There was a lot more sparks and distortions than I was expecting, that's why it took so long to go thru the recordings.  It may be natural fog but it comes over the plant and becomes radioactive fog.  Fog is difficult to capture in screenshots so here's a cam4 spark pair, very rare.  


RE: WEBCAM June 2018 - Horse - 06-13-2018

06-13 The last few days, I didn't have much new to report.  The fogging diminished and there was some remote crane work around r1.  On cam4 a crane moves the orange pulley part back and forth but I don't catch any view of the load.  I was watching an orange light, probably a boat drift between r1 and r2 on cam1 when I noticed another orange light in the upper left hand corner.  It was in the same area of the sky as the moon transits; was it a planetary transit?  It was on screen for just over 10 minutes.  Was it maybe a plane or a drone?  I found a few sparks when I looked in the recording.  There was one, a whitish spark right next to the transiting light.  The other two are green sparks.  


RE: WEBCAM June 2018 - Horse - 06-14-2018

Bright cesium pink sky in Bo's pic.  I've seen a couple pink sunsets on cam1 lately.  My first entry this month was a moon transit.  The moon comes in as a big bright light.  This wasn't the moon.  It followed a slightly steeper path.  It was the wrong time of night for Venus but it might have been Mars or Jupiter.  The light was a steady orange; not flashing red/blue lights like an airplane's navigation lights.  I've caught airplanes before blinking in the sky traveling along the coast.  I can't seem to settle on a likely source for the mystery light. Okay, maybe it was the moon seen thru thick cesium pink clouds.

RE: WEBCAM June 2018 - Horse - 06-19-2018

Tepco has been cutting a 5m X 7m opening into Reactor 2 above the spent fuel pool. The work started April 16, 2018 and lasts till mid-June.  They should be getting done by now.  We've seen radioactive fogging and pink skies since then.

MVB has another European monitor observation.  
Quote:The timing appears to be at the end of April, maybe onset of May (2018), with several points in time seemingly moving HEMISPHERE WIDE.   Whatever this is/was, it must be enormous.  
Yes, I would suggest that opening and venting r2 might be a big deal as radioactive as that interior is. This isn't the first time MVB comes up with detections in Europe some weeks to a month after some decommissioning work at Daiichi releases clouds of radioactive emissions.

RE: WEBCAM June 2018 - Horse - 06-20-2018

Every little dose matters. Could it be Daiichi again? Spoiler alert; they cut an opening into reactor 2 just above the spent fuel pool. Thanks for sharing your observations MVB.

June 20, 2018 at 12:43 am · Reply
@Horse – imo quite possible, and if so, releases picked up around mid-April, after which a by now almost familiar mixture of radioisotopes was detected at a couple of the super-sensitive air samplers in Finland. There have, for instance been half a dozen Co-60 detections in the fallout cloud since, unprecedented in EURDEP history. Data at, as well scattered throughout posts after that:

Unusual Co60 presence hints of either a bomb test, a major issue involving an old RPV, or Fukushima:

So yes, Fukushima-Daiichi very well might be the culprit for at least part of the observed. The implications would explain why the or firms that run the media circus will not admit to anything…

Major off-gassing of collapsed NK nuke site shouldn't be ruled out either…

Hope this is somehow helpful… Undecided

We have to pick up the pieces of the radiological puzzle because a corporate captured media certainly isn't keeping us informed.  It would have been nice to get some warning of these potentially hazardous releases.  Ha-Ha  

I haven't ruled out the NK test site.  Considering that China was upset about detections on their border.  NK lost a test site and 200 nuclear trained personnel; probably put a major dent in their nuclear efforts.  And, they have since collapsed tunnels into the mountain.  Still it was the timing of Daiichi's reactor 2 opening and your observations of the EURDEP detections that struck me.  It reminded me of when Japan opened up reactor 1; the same sequence of events and detections.  Your observations are valuable to the small group still watching the nuclear industry, kudos.  Fukushima Daiichi is a big open sore that shouldn't be ignored.

RE: WEBCAM June 2018 - Horse - 06-22-2018

06-21  The work week started off rather normal.  Remote cranes usually start early in the morning and finish shortly after noon.  Today I noticed the remote cranes working late into the afternoon.  The cranes had a variety of loads.  

06-21 123047 c4 vac.bmp
06-21 133407 vac.bmp
06-21 133500 vac.bmp
06-21 133540 c4 vac.bmp
06-21 145115 tool.bmp
06-21 145202 c4 tool.bmp
06-21 151515 tool.bmp
06-21 152615 tool.bmp
06-21 154450 tool.bmp
06-21 154522 tool.bmp
06-21 154530 c4 tool.bmp
06-21 161145 c4 tool.bmp
06-21 164226 tool.bmp
06-21 164305 c4 tool.bmp
06-21 171225 tool.bmp
06-21 171251 c4 tool.bmp
06-21 171324 c4 tool.bmp
06-21 171342 c4 tool.bmp
06-21 173153 tool.bmp
06-21 173213 c4 tool.bmp
06-21 191500 sunset.bmp
06-21 191540 c4 sunset.bmp
06-21 194657 light.bmp
06-21 194716 light.bmp
06-21 194740 light.bmp
06-21 194804 light.bmp
06-21 194825 light.bmp
06-21 194919 lights.bmp
06-21 195113 lights.bmp
06-21 195147 light.bmp
06-21 195248 spider.bmp
06-21 195252 spider.bmp
06-21 195330 spider.bmp

I put together some combo pictures to show the work and different tools being used.  After sunset I saw some lights that were probably boats.  They look like sparks in the snapshot but they moved in from the sea and disappeared behind r1.  I saw the spider moving again.  The spider had built a web in front of the cam4 view but it was always blurry because of the zoom.  It only shows as a black or gray blob and you wouldn't known what it was just from a snapshot without the motion.  I mention it because I think it's still there as grey blob on r1. Still seeing some pink in the sunsets.  Here's some pics.

tool 1.JPG
tool 2.JPG
tool 3.JPG
tool 4.JPG
tool 5.JPG



RE: WEBCAM June 2018 - Horse - 07-01-2018

06-29  I noticed the moon make a transit on cam1.  About an hour later I noticed another light make a transit in that area.  It seemed to be a steady light that was interrupted regularly passing behind the remote crane.  The light was the same as the one posted earlier this month.  I don't think it can be the moon.  Previous moon transits have not had this other light following it so I don't think it's a reflection.  Maybe some bright planet tracking close to the moon?  Counted sparks along the way.  A spider would move sometimes and adjust it's web.    

06-29 205102 spark.bmp
06-29 205145 spark.bmp

06-29 210042 spark.bmp
06-29 210204 spark.bmp
06-29 210558 spark.bmp
06-29 210954 spark.bmp
06-29 211310 moon.bmp
06-29 211905 spark.bmp
06-29 211906 spark.bmp
06-29 212058 spark 1f.bmp
06-29 212118 spider.bmp
06-29 212436 spark.bmp
06-29 212625 moon.bmp
06-29 213029 spark pair.bmp
06-29 213435 spark.bmp
06-29 215708 spark.bmp
06-29 215747 spark.bmp
12 sparks an hour

06-29 220220 spark.bmp
06-29 221015 spark.bmp
06-29 221452 spark.bmp
06-29 221541 spark.bmp
06-29 221855 spark.bmp
06-29 222117 spark.bmp
06-29 222228 light.bmp
06-29 222328 light.bmp
06-29 222427 light.bmp
06-29 222500 distortion.bmp
06-29 222501 distortion end.bmp
06-29 222638 light.bmp
06-29 222844 distortion.bmp
06-29 222848 distortion end.bmp
06-29 223047 light.bmp
06-29 223154 light.bmp
06-29 223200 light.bmp
06-29 223216 spark.bmp
06-29 223505 light.bmp
06-29 223546 light.bmp
06-29 223626 light.bmp
06-29 223713 light.bmp
06-29 223822 light.bmp
06-29 224000 light.bmp
06-29 224033 spark.bmp
06-29 224133 light.bmp
06-29 224146 spider.bmp
06-29 224656 light.bmp
06-29 224815 spider.bmp
06-29 224816 spider.bmp
06-29 224817 spider.bmp
06-29 224904 spark.bmp
06-29 225113 spark.bmp
06-29 225412 spider.bmp
06-29 225913 spider.bmp
10 sparks, 2 distortions.  

06-29 230037spider.bmp
06-29 230053spider.bmp