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Full Version: Arnie Gundersen - Nuclear power & CME/EMP
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The focus of these interviews below is upon CME/EMP effects to the electrical grids and on nuclear plants worldwide.

Arnie Gundersen and Matthew Stein



What happens to a modern civilization when the power goes out?


Quote:“In a 2013 interview, Dr. Pry warned that an EMP attack could succeed in “eliminating us as a civilization.” To understand the magnitude of this threat, we have to understand what happens to a modern civilization when the power goes out. Put simply, it starves.
According to the Congressional EMP Commission, the grocery store will run out of food in 24 hours. There will be no more water in the faucet. The Commission describes how the nation’s transportation system will be compromised. The oil refineries are as vulnerable as the power grid. There won’t be enough fuel. Other critical systems will be threatened: banking and finance, telecommunications, emergency services and the government itself. Without electricity or fuel, at least some of the items in the prior sentence will simply cease to exist.
The Commission’s report states that food production will collapse.”

 “If our centralized power grid is a threat to national security, if renewable energy and distributed generation make the country more secure, if renewables are good economics, and if renewable energy is a solution for which environmentalists advocate, what force is so powerful that it is keeping the nation from securing its own future?”

A PDF of The Congressional EMP Commission report:

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A force bent on securing its own future at the expense of everyone else will destroy us all, like a virus that kills it's host.  A military glove covers the hand of nuclear power.  The power of the atom has gone to their head.  The power of the atom kills the heart.


if things go down this way - living in a city or otherwise heavily populated place will be disastrous.
(09-08-2015, 08:54 AM)Admin_Test Wrote: [ -> ]if things go down this way - living in a city or otherwise heavily populated place will be disastrous.

In the congressional EMP report, NPPs are depicted as a solution providing power if we eliminate safety protocols.  I would argue that point; with transformers fried there is no way to deliver electrical power and cooling will require precious diesel fuel.  Daiichi proved that a natural disaster can leave us with an even greater problem, nuclear fire out of containment.  Spent fuel stored near the reactors added fuel to the fire, another design flaw.  Japan has quickly recovered from many natural disasters but not this time.  Daiichi spread radiation in a plume that went northwest making large regions dangerous to enter.  A wind direction to the south would have made operations at the Daini NPP impossible leading to a domino effect of failing NPPs.  Living on the surface anywhere would then be impossible.