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Full Version: Russian Nuclear Sub Explosion 2019
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Radiation fears after fire on ‘spy submarine’ killed 14
The Russian defence ministry took 24 hours to make the accident public, raising fears that a radiation leak was being covered up. However, in a comment that will further speculation that the fire ...

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Russian navy officer: Fire on Russian nuclear submarine could have led to “planetary catastrophe”
By Clara Weiss
12 July 2019
The fisherpersons story doesn't fit with the mothership story the Kremlin released. Would fisherpeople be allowed within view of the most secret sub of Russia, during hook-up and then, watching the sub surface like a balloon being held under water? And the mothership was nearby the fisher, too, then?

This is the most up to date link, yet.

Battery exploded, possibly during hook-up with mothersub, lives were lost.