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Full Version: WEBCAM June 2017
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Post webcam observations for June here.  Observations should start with a date and ‘jst’ time (Japan Standard Time) and camera(s).  Describe as best as possible what you see.  Contribute data such as weather conditions, work activities, TEPCO or local news reports, radiation readings, earthquake activity, or any information that documents events occurring at Daiichi.  Comments and analysis welcome.  Help keep an eye on TEPCO's disaster site.  

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Cam #1 and #4, June 2nd 2017, 04:00 am JST.
Nearly six years and 3 months after the Unit 3 explosion, we're still watching the catastrophe. Ain't that something?!
Thanks to CRL for being here. Gotta show some appreciation to you Horse, Pia and all. Thanks again and always.

Soon summer, end of spring already. Fog or smoke, will we ever know?
What we know is that Fuk. is brewing badly. And we do know it's morning in Japan, hence the slightly purple fog or the smoke Fuk. is Fuk. No matter what.
04:27 am JST out
The first day of June was raining all day into night. The tepcams are greyed out. Second day starting out the same, grey rainy day. Noted a couple of daytimne lightning strikes.
(06-01-2017, 03:27 PM)Felibi Wrote: [ -> ]Cam #1 and #4, June 2nd 2017, 04:00 am JST.
Fog or smoke, will we ever know?
... it's morning in Japan, hence the slightly purple fog or the smoke Fuk. is Fuk.
04:27 am JST out
Started noticing the end of May the sunsets were getting a dark purple look.  Sunrise and sunset are times when its easiest to see the pollution in the air.  I thought maybe the forest fire smoke residual in the air might be causing the purple.  It reminded me of the light purple and pinkish purple radioactive clouds the site has belched out before.  Some color in the dull grey sky hanging over the disaster.  Whatever form the steam, fog, smoke on the tepcams shows up as or we call it, Fuku's radioactive pollution has been contaminating the rest of the world for too long. All the sparking last month indicates corium melts are still active but I can't pinpoint any single event; just the noticeable increase. I caught another couple cam4 sparks at the end of May and counted a decreasing rate of cam1 sparks.  I think something happened early last month; then the forest fire made it worse and now its dropping back to a sort of background rate. The rains washed the tepcam lenses, nice crisp views.  Remote crane activity starting over r1. 06-02 08:23

So I looked back at previous months and the smoke coming out of the csfp in mid-April looks like it could have been the event causing the increase in sparking. Might also be what MVB was seeing later on the European rad monitors. Part of the fogging today looked like it might be more smoke coming out of the csfp area but without the TBS-JNN view can't say it was or wasn't. Elibi is right to be suspicious. I haven't been able to watch as much but if anyone spots anything I'd be glad to try to find it in the recordings.
ENENEWS webcam forum
June 1, 2017 at 2:35 pm • Reply
Howdy, Horse. Watched cam1, 06/02 JT 01:53:00-02:10:00, plenty of sparks through the fog. The one around 01:54ish was unique. Question is, is it internal camera smashing, or air radiation, visible through the fog?
June 2, 2017 at 7:09 am • Reply
Hey Hillbilly HD, yeah there's sparks in the fog. Will take a look at the time you noted. Busy holiday, caught an outdoor concert, barbecues, hope I didn't miss anything. Oh yeah, Dai-ichi still spewing. Gamma doesn't go but a couple meters from a source so the tepcams aren't measuring the corium material like in the tepco videos. So I think it's the radioactive particulate in the air close to the camera giving off gamma that's smashing the charge coupled device buckets collecting light. The sparks on the TBS-JNN cam were the same relative size as the tepcam sparks and didn't show up simultaneously; that confirmed for me that the sparks aren't really out in the air like little firecrackers. Radioactivity in the mist, steam, fog, smoke, vapor, and even the clear air show up as sparks. Oversaturated detectors shine a bright light on the dark arts.

Thank HHD, that was more sparks than I expected to count.  17 Sparks in half an hour is quite a burst.  

06-02 014516 spark.bmp
06-02 014835 spark.bmp
06-02 014844 spark.bmp
06-02 015139 spark.bmp
06-02 015240 spark.bmp
06-02 015332 spark.bmp
06-02 015459 spark.bmp
06-02 015517 spark.bmp
06-02 015811 spark.bmp
06-02 015820 filter 1.bmp
06-02 015820 filter 2.bmp
06-02 015820 filter 3.bmp
06-02 020144 spark.bmp
06-02 020203 spark.bmp
06-02 020452 spark.bmp
06-02 020758 spark.bmp
06-02 020810 spark.bmp
06-02 021232 spark.bmp
06-02 021259 spark.bmp
06-02 021633 spark.bmp

The ones labeled filter at 01:58:20 was when I noticed a distinct change in overall brightness of the shifting background fog.  The second one was the 2 frame transition from dark to brighter; might have been a quick distortion.  There were 3 sparks around that 01:54ish time and I picked the brightest one.  When they started blinking at the once a minute rate it gets hard to keep up.  

06-02 015332 spark
06-02 015820 filter 2
06-02 020144 spark
06-02 021633 spark
Must be time for a spark report, I counted an hour centered on a cam4 spark that I found.  Cam1 had some fancy sparks; pairs and a triple.  The triple showed a clear separation and the spark image lasted 3 frames.  Finding bursts of 20 sparks an hour used to be noteworthy but it's getting to be a regular occurrence.  

06-07 202953 spark 3f faint.bmp
06-07 203029 spark 3f.bmp
06-07 203726 spark 1f pair.bmp
06-07 204154 spark.bmp
06-07 204328 spark.bmp
06-07 204538 spark.bmp
06-07 204545 spark 3f faint.bmp
06-07 204603 spark.bmp
06-07 204814 spark.bmp
06-07 205231 spark pair.bmp
06-07 205704 d.bmp
06-07 205705 d end.bmp
06-07 205816 spark.bmp
06-07 205935 c4 spark.bmp
Half hour has 11 Cam1 sparks, 1 Cam4 spark and one distortion.

06-07 210036 spark pair faint.bmp
06-07 210117 spark.bmp
06-07 211311 spark.bmp
06-07 211706 spark.bmp
06-07 212021 spark 3f triple.bmp
06-07 212210 d.bmp
06-07 212214 d end.bmp
06-07 212244 spark.bmp
06-07 212328 spark.bmp
06-07 213337 spark.bmp
Half hour has 8 sparks, one distortion

06-07 205231 spark pair
06-07 205816 spark
06-07 205935 c4 spark
06-07 212021 spark 3f triple
06-08 pm, I noticed a flash of light on cam4 but didn’t see what it was, just a bright flash of light.  Started watching a little closer and saw a spark; an hour later another.  Just happened to find something when I looked in the recording; a very bright light on the top of the CSFP extension.  This light lasted 17 frames; that’s about a second and a half.  I haven’t seen a work light like that before.  It didn’t behave like a raindrop blur; it came on and went off; and it didn't look it was raining.  Was it some St. Elmo’s fire phenomena?  Did something happen at the csfp?  Catching two c4 sparks is worth a post.  Here’s the beginning and end shots of the csfp light and the two sparks.  

06-08 223710 csfp lit
06-08 223712 csfp lit
06-08 223921 c4 spark
06-08 234716 c4 spark

06-09 am, watched the next cam4 recording, no anomalies, no rain, no more sparks.  Dawn was colorful.  Remote crane activity started.  About 07:25 men start walking across r3.  Lots of workers were moving back and forth for the next half hour.  A couple birds flew past.  Remote cranes continued till noon.  Crane activity stopped and the recording ended at 13:40.
06-09 pm, looks like the csfp lights are work lights, they're staying on tonight.
06-13 Strange crane tool over r3.  More workers sighted crossing back and forth along the bottom of the black structure over r3.  I saw movement along the top of the black structure too.  Here are some daytime pics.

06-13 060851 c4 crane
06-13 082636 c4 birds
06-13 083001 c4 men on r3
06-13 084116 c4 men on r3
06-14 While I was watching I only noted a couple of cam1 sparks so I thought it would be easy to count an hour.  Found 20 c1 sparks and 2 distortions.   I noticed a fog come from inland on cam4 I wanted to look at and found a c4 spark.  The fogging started about 23:30 and lasted half an hour. The inland fog was thickest by the csfp side of cam4 but never filled the screen.  It looked like a csfp emissions event.  Later, just before dawn I watched a fog bank come from the sea that filled the screen.  It looked like a normal early morning fog.  

06-14 220454 spark pair.bmp
06-14 220756 c4 spark.bmp
06-14 221039 spark.bmp
06-14 221305 spark.bmp
06-14 221400 spark.bmp
06-14 222025 spark.bmp
06-14 222229 spark.bmp
06-14 222609 spark.bmp
06-14 222931 spark.bmp

06-14 223054 spark double.bmp
06-14 223905 spark.bmp
06-14 224248 spark.bmp
06-14 224406 spark.bmp
06-14 224509 spark.bmp
06-14 224549 spark.bmp
06-14 224706 spark 1f.bmp
06-14 224846 d.bmp
06-14 224847 d end.bmp
06-14 224959 spark.bmp
06-14 225036 spark.bmp
06-14 225452 d 2f.bmp
06-14 225543 spark faint.bmp
06-14 225752 spark faint.bmp
06-14 230240 spark.bmp

06-14 220454 spark pair
06-14 220756 c4 spark
06-14 223054 spark double
06-14 2345 both 2
Hi guys and gals, I wanted to watch, following TT’s june 13 post about TT's observations on enenews forum ...
... and try to see one of the shifts. TT you say “under stairwell/platform center cam U4 “ Should we look on #4tepcam at the stairwell on the right of the common spent fuel pool? aka csfp
Anyways, loads of hazardous tasks to accomplish.
Read the enenews thread

Well, this 2017 6 21 05:50 JST when I started watching, but onlyfog/smoke/greyscreen and will have to wait for it to clear to see/ screensave one of those shifts.
Fuk.workers on my mind. Do take care all.
Bon Jour, elibi.  I was curious as to what TT was seeing too.  I scanned about 20 minutes of the recording looking for the black smoke but didn't find it.  I got caught up in watching the workers on r3.  I think the black tarp covering the csfp a few months back was practice for the covering tepco put on the r3 superstructure.  Tepco covers up everything they can.  

I posted this on ENENews, I wish I had Organic Slant's video capabilities.  

Did ya catch new video from Organic Slant? Nice slideshow of sparks. I did turn the volume down for Dana. The ocean is dying, that's all I'm tryin to say. Heard Helen's speech before, too. I liked the attempt to show emissions with the color adjustments; fuming.

Fukushima Is Fuming 6-17-2017 | Organic Slant
Good Day to you too, Horse. Ohayo JST wise But it's around 04 40 june 21st, too early for workers crews to show up somewhere. They're waking up, stretching, Ganbatte!
I get your drift.
Dana gets it too, I mean, Fuk. hence the dying fauna of the ocean.
The desperate attempts ... pour crier dans le désert against Nuclear power, the absolute necessity for education and training for eons of dismantling and decontamination.
Being past Fuk. That's where we are. Past catastrophy.
"Extension event, gonna be stumped by the mob, you are the mob, and now I am the demon?" he says.
It might be perceived as a kind of therapy.
As for webcam watchers, it never occured to me. Still, I wonder about my own sanity when 'je fukushimise tous les jours" dixit ma 20-year-old daughter! She was 17 when she coined the phrase. I'm  a lucky gal!
(06-21-2017, 03:57 PM)Felibi Wrote: [ -> ]I get your drift.
Dana gets it too, I mean, Fuk. hence the dying fauna of the ocean.
The desperate attempts ... pour crier dans le désert against Nuclear power, the absolute necessity for education and training for eons of dismantling and decontamination.

But, elibi, your daughter is lucky to have a smart ma keeping an eye on Daiichi.  For six long years now "je fukushimise tous les jours" too.  Three reactor meltdowns and a spent fuel fire, that we know of, from just one large earthquake; spewing invisible deadly radioactivity across the world.  No matter how TPTB tries to spin this the cameras were showing everyone the explosions, light flashes, billowing smoke, and the Cherenkov sparks blinking in the dark night.  Many people started speaking out against nuclear power again.  Low probability, very high risk loss of containment had happened again; nuclear fallout would add more man-made radioactive contamination to our food and water and the air we breathe.  I thought the mob should know, the demon says, what will be stealing the years from your life and health; knowing the mob could not stand against their leaders.  

06-23 08:05 workman crossing along the bottom of the r3 superstructure.
Pia, picture from 2-20, clumps of steaminess?  Its 6-25 and fogging out all day.  One reason for the clumping and the extreme fogging events is that radionuclides in the air promote fog formation.  Then there's the deliberate emissions releases during normal high humidity weather that we've noted. The fog does seem to hang thick around Daiichi.   Last night I noticed another spark burst about 21:15 to 21:27, 10 in 12 minutes.  That's radioactive fog.
06-25 Fog all day, rain in the evening; the fog was lifting when I noticed the fog lingering, hanging localized over r1. More emissions from the csfp area and the fog thickened.  Here's about 20 minutes of side by side pictures taken every couple minutes.  The last three have cam1 sparks.  


It can be hard to tell where the fog comes from or if it's a normal fog or an emissions fed fog.  Pauses in the complete fog grey out sometimes show emissions may be adding to the fogging.  It's easier to see while watching the fogging start, pause, or stop whether it's just a normal fog, a background cloud, a smudge on the lens, or maybe just Fuku emissions causing all the grey.
Majia is also wondering. Is that fog? Well, hmmm... we're all watching and we care.

And holy smokes, we're all wondering here, well, we all think it's highly likely for it to be very smoky. The thing is we can't believe our eyes, WTF, media silence and sheer impossibility for the Nuclear village to control anything apart from MSM, pardon my French... A 55-year old female French earthling qui vous embrasse fort.
(06-30-2017, 05:57 AM)Felibi Wrote: [ -> ]Majia wondering. Is that fog? Well, hm, whatever, we're watching and we care.
I think it's emissions from the csfp.  The fogging has lasted a few days and nights, much longer than a natural fog.  The fog is not continuous; there are brief periods where it clears somewhat and the source looks to be coming from the csfp area.  When it cleared some during the day I saw blue sky.  Plenty of spark bursts and distortions in that fog. The fogging looks like the times when tepco was removing some of the fuel rod assemblies from r4 and putting them in the common pool.  Haven't seen any updates on the csfp but the r4 fuel removal filled the pool so they had to use r5 sfp for some of it.  No recent updates on dry casking the fuel to make way for r3's load.  I've also wondered if r4 damaged assemblies remained intact after being transferred to the common pool. The emissions looked bad to me; glad others have noticed the unusual characteristics of that fog.
Cam1 stopped at 22:32:01.  It was a spark on cam4 that made me look at the timestamps.  Refreshed cam1.  The fog has decreased on cam4 but cam1 is still showing emissions on the right side of the screen.  End the month with a couple spark pictures.