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October 2015
For bloggers on this topic -
2 bits of info -
1] I have some small size rad symbol art available for anyone to use on a blog etc. on this page:
http://flyingcuttlefish.wordpress.com/images/ < just right click and 'save' any image you want.

2] More important - the hammer is really coming down on Fuku topic on the internet. Hounds know Dana was arrested (probably on some type of defamation charge) because he talked about Univ. of Victoria dept. heads who are lying about Fuku. Yesterday I would just name them but spy-bots patrol forums like this to close them down so I will skip names. We know who these guys are.
I have a re-post of one of the vids that is disappearing off the web -
I hope everyone outside Canada can repost this vid.
I think it is important that activists maintain a legal posture and personally can not support anyone who uses defamation, foul language, and threats in their campaigns. This type of behavior alienates people and destroys movements.

I am speaking for myself - this view may not be represented by the forum host.

Also, MissFrill, this is the October thread for webcam observations. Please try to post in related threads, or create a new thread in the associated forum (e.g. Fukushima Discussion, or other).

just pm me if needed.

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