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Safecast Growing
Citizen science takes on Japan's nuclear establishment  http://www.latimes.com/world/asia/la-fg-...story.html


"Though the immediate threat of radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has waned, interest in Safecast’s data has not."

I have to take issue with this statement. It is very common for "news" on nuclear incidents to downplay the impacts - one of those ways is to say things like "there is no immediate threat" and never touch on longterm impacts of low dose, or high dose, exposure. Dose really isn't an appropriate term to use either. 

While Safecast is doing a great service by engaging citizens in fruitful science, I feel their association with known nuclear proponents "colors" their presentations of circumstances.

More needs to be done in relationship to evaluating longterm exposure issues, bio-magnification, and bio-accumulation. This is especially critical as Japan incinerates nuclear waste and desires to redistribute soil that was cleared away during "decontamination" efforts. Decontamination is another term and practice that is not appropriate - there is no technology that eliminates radiation - it just shifts it from one place to another. 

While I appreciate the work of Safecast members, I think that news reports on their work need more balance and less bias. Journalism is apparently dead.
just pm me if needed.

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