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DOE/Argonne Energy Entrepreneurs
Spread this among renewable energy innovators - $4.4 million opportunity application process open now. 

"This program gives innovators working on complex science challenges a jumpstart by giving them laboratory tools and experts to work with from day one, as well as a fellowship that pays their day-to-day costs and benefits so that they can work full-time developing their technology," said Andreas Roelofs, director of Chain Reaction Innovations. "Traditionally, energy technologies take longer to produce a return on venture capitalists' investments because of their longer development time line. But embedding entrepreneurs for two years into Argonne National Laboratory to validate and scale their technologies will accelerate the path to the consumer and investor marketplaces and compress the return timeframe."

"Chain Reaction Innovations will provide innovators access to Argonne's deep network of 1,600 multidisciplinary researchers and engineers. In addition, the research may involve Argonne's DOE Office of Science User Facilities, such as the Mira supercomputer and the Advanced Photon Source, the nation's highest-energy X-ray source. Through a partnership with mentor organizations in the Midwest, CRI participants will also receive assistance with developing business strategies, conducting market research and finding long-term financing and commercial partners.
Fast access to tools at Argonne, including fabrication, validation and scale-up facilities, and predictive modeling tools can reduce costly and time-consuming trial-and-error testing, enable faster development pivots and provide benchmarks of product performance to increase consumer and investor confidence."
just pm me if needed.

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