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RadNet Renewal
Read: https://s3.amazonaws.com/public-inspecti...-14177.pdf

Information Collection: EPA contract renewal for radiation detection services.

"This is a proposed extension of the ICR, which is currently approved through August 31 , 2016."

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION  CONTACT : John Griggs, OAR/ORIA/NAREL,  Environmental Protection Agency,  National Analytical Radiation Environmental Laboratory,  540 South Morris Ave., Montgomery, AL  36115;  telephone number:  (334) 270 - 3400 ; fax  number:  (334) 270 - 3450 ; email address:  Griggs.john@epa.gov
just pm me if needed.
Should be no problem renewing contract for rad detection services since they've done such a fine job so far.  /sarc

Seriously, would this be a chance to get rad detection accuracy and transparency, and available to the public?
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
At the very least it's a great opportunity to get the attention of OMB on the misalignment between funding and resulting services. I'll certainly be commenting.
just pm me if needed.
EnviroReporter lists only 9 of 130 Radnet 'beta' detectors are active as of June, 14, 2016.

Exclamation   If you look at the dates and number of operational detectors the number declines from 60 out of 130 in 2013, down consistently to where it is now.   


Confused  IMO - We are being deceived by some who hide behind a veil of lies and improvised clouds of incompetence.

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