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Bikini Atoll/Marshall Islands
The last few years have seen Marshall Islanders take their nuclear exposure experience to the courts. 
11 June 2016 this article elaborates on the testing and lack of data issues that still exist.

After 70 Years of Nuclear Fallout, Will Bikini Atoll Ever Be Safe Again http://www.motherboard.vice.com/en_ca/re...lear-tests 

Note this: “When I asked members of the Marshallese government who they would trust to make these measurements,” Hughes added, “they just looked at me and said, ‘I don’t know.’”
just pm me if needed.
This issue is still to come...  and it will.

The Runit Dome.




Nuclear Waste, (highly contaminated), on a beach.   
IMO - Not a good idea.   Sad

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