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Robert Hunziker: In Depth "The..Fix"
Robert Hunziker: The Fukushima Fix http://www.opednews.com/articles/The-Fuk...2-527.html 4 pages
just pm me if needed.
There are a lot of similarities and differences between Fukushima and Chernobyl obviously.

The author duly points out that one of the glaring differences is the ability to locate and monitor the melted fuel (at Chernobyl it's in the Sarcophagus - at Fukushima...who knows? The best we can say is at Fukushima it is not where experts thought it would be (as the robotic investigations and muon tests have demonstrated)).
"All models are flawed, some are useful."
George E. P. Box
I find Hunziker's report interesting also because he touches on several important issues related to these disasters.

Historic myths, the not often heard voices reporting from Japan, litigation, alternate sources of information because mainstream media is nearly silent and often biased, effects on tree specimens, and Abe's Secrecy Law which casts a giant muffling web over news about Fukushima.
just pm me if needed.

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