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WEBCAM June 2016
CalifNative, Nuckelchen has taken lengthy time outs before, he'll probably be back again. 

And for those who have not yet seen the thread on Krypton: Krypton-85 & Climate caferadlab.com/thread-168.html
just pm me if needed.
(06-28-2016, 09:53 AM)piajensen Wrote: And for those who have not yet seen the thread on Krypton: Krypton-85 & Climate caferadlab.com/thread-168.html

Thanks Pia, The inert radioactive gases have the effect of making the local area of the plant a ‘radioactive cathode’ because they are more conductive than normal atmosphere.  In electronics, a radioactive cathode is used in tubes to conduct a strong steady current flow.  Probably makes the area a large lightning rod.  As these gases are continually being created by the fuel melts we might expect more extreme weather events and indeed we saw lots of storm and lightning activity in the early days of the disaster and we see more extreme weather and climate changes worldwide as these inert gases disperse.  

Quote:“The major radionuclides released to the environment are the gases:  tritium, radiokrypton, and radioxenon; radioiodine, which is highly volatile at reactor temperatures; and carbon-14 as carbon dioxide.”

The tritium ends up in the water and flows out to sea; toxic to aquatic life.  Carbon-14 is readily absorbed and probably far more dangerous than readily admitted.  I could get behind a heavy tax on carbon-14 emissions.  Radioiodine is still being found in Tokyo sewer sludge.  All are invisible, but because they are also thermally hot when created, we can sometimes see the vapors steaming up in the air over various parts of the plant.  The sparks caught on camera indicate radioactivity.  The radioactive particles promote fog formation and we see the plant covered in Fuku fog.  Not much has changed since the early days except dispersing and covering the radioactive contamination where they could and keeping as much out of public view as possible.  

Read about electrical failures of filtering equipment and ice wall generation; they will say it was just normal lightning that shorted out their equipment or maybe another rat chewed a wire.  They can't protect the site from lightning that causes major electrical damage.  

Chasaha, if another sizable tsunami hit I would expect the tank farm to be the most vulnerable to failure.  A surge of highly contaminated water might create a noticeable dead zone instead of the trickle they release, slowly diluting it beneath noticeable radiation limits.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Maji's Blog mentioned there was a power outage on Tuesday 6-28-16 at 3:40AM. Wonder if it's a result from the recent light bursts. 

Big spark over R1 at 3:10:34am, half hour before the power outage.

TBS/JNN webcam still off-line, going on a week now. 

This 3 min Utube vid had 241 views. Two white puffs burst at 0:59 mark on side of R2 and 1:31 mark over R1.

Could be a relationship... short circuit cause noted as being rain drops (in tweet by @microcarpa today 30 June). Could be some additional physics chemistry occurring - what is the rain over Fukushima made up of?
just pm me if needed.
@Cali, nice grab, it looks like a little comet with the fuzzy tail, "Big spark over R1 at 3:10:34am, half hour before the power outage."  Finding lots of sparks again.  

@Pia, "short circuit cause noted as being rain drops (in tweet by @microcarpa today 30 June)"  Yeah, what is in those raindrops.  That excuse is weak; sensitive circuitry is not usually left uncovered to the elements. Is it really better to think them incompetent than to admit the plant attracts and is vulnerable to powerful lightning strikes.

So are they raindrop smudges or vapor releases. They tend to pop up in a single frame and slowly dissipate.  
Video of the first one over the r3 pit.  6-28 00:59:56 r3 pit spot.

Pics of sparks and spots over the reactors found in the time lapse at 00:59:56 and 01:33.  

6-28 00:58:44 spark
6-28 00:59:55 r3 pit spot
6-28 01:00:26 spark
6-28 01:00:55 spark double





6-28 01:30:21 spark
6-28 01:31:05 r1 spot
6-28 01:32:01 r1 spot
6-28 01:33:21 spark





6-28 am, my recording connection froze at 02:38:23 for about four hours until I checked and reset the browser.  Not sure if it was tepco feeds or my internet provider dropping out.  Counted sparks for the half hour before freezing up and had 15 sparks and two distortions.  Towards the end, the connection failed to buffer and lost time.  A frame would freeze for some seconds then jump to a later time, until it finally froze up completely at 02:38:23.  

6-28 pm, had noted many sparks after sunset.  A count from 19:42 to 19:56 had 10 sparks.  Notes have more sparks to check but I haven’t had time to count them.  

6-30 pm heavy fog on both tepcams.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
not knowing much about actual daily maintenance, hard to determine condition of electronics. also tough going with so many barely accountable employees working on the site. remember when a valve was found open and had leaked some huge amount of rad water a few years ago? gang members ought be considered terrorists and not be allowed onsite at nuclear facilities. to many unknowns. too much risk.
just pm me if needed.
I've worked in electronics most of my career, not covering a distribution panel to protect it from the elements; tampering; or shocking someone accidently would be incompetence.  Sorry state of decommissioning; wasting time and money on half-hearted attempts while they pollute the air and sea with radioactivity.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
The yahoo news article microcarpa tweeted is in Japanese. Here is the google translation:
"Panelboard short = "frozen ground wall" power outage stopped at the leak in the roof - Fukushima first
Newsletter June 29 (Wednesday) 19:00 13 minutes delivery

TEPCO 29 days, power outage that occurred in the early morning of 28 days in the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima, it was announced that cause the water to the distribution board in the buildings of the leak in the roof was short entered.

Shorted distribution board is not currently used, deterioration of the building for which has been left for a long time has been overlooked. [emphasis added] TEPCO is directed to the prevention of recurrence, to consider the inspection of electrical equipment that has not been used.

In a power outage of 28 days, in addition to inhibiting the groundwater inflow to the Units 1 to 4 building frozen soil cooling system of "frozen soil impervious wall" has stopped some, stopped also contaminated water treatment equipment. Cooling system restore function on the same day afternoon, rest facilities of subcontractors for companies that power outage is followed is to recover in 30 days schedule." source: http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=201606...6-jij-soci
just pm me if needed.
Okay, a leaky roof in a building seldom used that houses a distribution panel lets in enough water to cause a short circuit. It could be the truth but it’s so hard to take tepco’s word for anything after all the lies and cover-ups.  Only five years have passed and forty or more yet to go.   How long before the site deteriorates to the point where any work is unsafe?  After Abe gets his Olympics will Japan walk away from the disaster site?  It seems that progress has stalled and conditions continue to get worse.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
"It seems that progress has stalled and conditions continue to get worse." yeppers... entropy is in charge and there are huge gaps in TEPCO's reporting. How they can get away with not keeping up on critical maintenance is mind-boggling. For an energy producer, you'd think they'd understand how important it is to maintain their sensitive electronic systems affecting super important processes. Instead, they appear more chaotic than the Keystone Cops. Shameful.
just pm me if needed.

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