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Three Mile Island (TMI) - sabotage?
I first heard Scott Portzline on a radio show (Caravan to midnight) over a year ago. He claims to know more about the events in the first 30 minutes of the TMI event than any other reporter. Scott has researched TMI for over 30 years and discusses all of the research he has done to detail the evenths that led up to TMI. I have also recently heard Scott on Coast to Coast, however the interview was not nearly as good. Sadly neither show is freely available for download, but if I can find the audio somewhere I'll post link(s).

Scott documents TMI here:

The evidence shows that there were several factors (over 20) that lead to the TMI event. Many of these factors point to sabotage by workers. Scott also details how sabotage in NPPs is not a new thing and other worker sabotage has  already been documented at other NPP facilities. Apparently the NRC never discovered the 'initiating event' that kicked off the chain of events that lead to the core melt. I guess that wasn't important to our regulators.

More on the documentation of sabotage and terrorism at NPPs here:
(for some reason this page below slows down my browser, so click at your own risk)

And http://www.TMIA.com is a reat general resource for TMI info.

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