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The implications of JUST glyphosate and background radiation at agricultural levels
For a basic indication (there's a pdf of this if you search), for a VERY concise summary, though unrelated to another study I read about glyphosate and ionizing radiation at agriculturally relevant (read, background) levels, but it does give a clue about toxicity:


Essentially, if glyphosate alone (and of course it's always coupled, much like time and space is the perfect coupler, with other toxins, more toxic than glyphosate) is say, 10x as cytotoxic (iirc) with agriculturally relevant radiation levels...and yet, the GMO variants of plants are struggling more and more against resistant weeds outcompeting them (waterhemp, palmer amaranth), does that not suggest nature is a better engineer than "science", with zero effort? But also, what are the implications for society? How much of that glyphosate is actually tested for, considering it's patented as a chelator, only tested for in freeform, a potent antibiotic, as well as being xenoestrogenic, other than the numerous effects related to glycine, glutamine/glutamate and ATP function? Just that (to name but a few effects), wouldn't that imply significant genetic entropy?

That is, it elucidates a situation of futility (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHH17DFL58I) that "science" is facing. Essentially, nature is telling them what should be growing in an area. Say, palmer amaranth, where the soy is, and modern gmo industrially treated soy is incredibly degenerate (https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-01-a...netic.html, which explains a bit in the comment section). That soy happens to be invasive btw, I mean, it's imposed in those areas, is fundamentally unprofitable (it requires subsidization beyond the point it sells for), other than the environmental damage and degenerating anyone or anything that uses that soy.

As I said before, I'm here for Isis... http://www.i-sis.org.uk/Artificial_versu...cation.php

Neither the earth nor the sun is the world's friend. As a result of the world demonizing both (blocking the sun, depriving earth and nature of sunlight, abusing earth and nature, for greedy, invalid though possessive energy harvesting reasons). Can these idiots even think?

Let me explain, you don't own. It's not yours, you visit. This is why I always tell people "If you don't grab, you don't have to let go"...

I'm a far mer with a sheep monopoly, lightyears ahead of my peers, reason being, I'm a monogamous polygamer. Tons of pro. Just imagine a parasitic host. I mean, people have MANY reasons for doing things. I can't even justify a reason for being.
Hey, this is totally unrelated. But if a microwave is like 900w, right, at around ~1ghz frequency, right (or is my recollection failing, I haven't confirmed that in many years). What do you think it's like having the atmosphere with like ~1w 1ghz frequency, constantly? I wonder how those hydrogens in the atmosphere, the plants, animals are doing.

See, the earth is an egg, and I'm a cook. And after I cook that egg, I'll probably cook some other eggs, for breakfast. Though I don't consider it cheating, because I'm THAT man, smoking cigarettes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62vWbkYhP8A

And what about 5g, I heard that might interfere with oxygen. For your brains. Zombies and shit. Though I mean, that's why the atmosphere has so much nitrogen. It just wouldn't be as funny knowing you're not drugged, other than that.

-sir isO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N59d0F9U...e=youtu.be

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