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Jan 2020 comments
Facebook not only collects users’ data, it technically owns it, as per its terms and conditions.
Zuckerberg, who owns Facebook and Instagram, the world’s largest social media platforms, and WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging app, may be the  youngest trillionaire in the world by 2036.  Jeff Bezos will be first to become a trillionaire.  

How We Got From 9/11 to Massive NSA Spying on Americans: A Timeline

French parliament decides anti-Zionism is antisemitism
Death of Free Speech: Criticizing Israel Will Land You in Prison

The FBI is soliciting proposals from outside vendors for a contract to pull vast quantities of public data from Facebook, Twitter and other social media “to proactively identify and reactively monitor threats to the United States and its interests.”

 the president called on social networks to build tools for identifying potential mass murderers before they act. And across the government, there appears to be growing consensus that social networks should become partners in surveillance with the government.
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
Hey no KNOWN adverse effects...oh I didn't know.

Lots of really good jobs are known .....

Please drink the water

OPG, Other People's Genomes

Hey no known cause ....but increases around and after. That makes it no immediate threat.



Down´s syndrome as a certain genetic effect increased in several contaminated European countries [18,48]. An example is shown in Figure 1. In West Berlin, which was a kind of closed island at that time, the geneticist Sperling registered a sharp and significant increase in cases exactly nine months after the accident, also in Belarus [49]. UNSCEAR [4,20] dismissed these findings (and similar reports from Scotland and Sweden) on the basis that the doses were “below background.” The EUROCAT combined registry study [19] did not find an increase in Down’s syndrome, neither in the authors’ analysis nor in our reanalysis. Other evidence is presented in Table 1 of increased CM rates after Chernobyl in Germany, Turkey, Croatia and Bulgaria [21,32-37,50].

"The way Aboriginal people deeply know and care for the land is something Australians should ponder and embrace."

Replace 'Australians' with 'Governments'

Summation : see ya in the great dust bin. There is no economy to ponder or embrace when caring.
Nothing survives in a radioactive zone impacted with TRANS-uranics.   https://www.researchgate.net/publication..._Chernobyl

    via @mariuspaul10 on twitter
don't stir up the hot particles
The Hong Kong and Latin America protests are sort of pertinent to the nuclear debacle in an oblique way because its the story of people vs government and suppression of the people with police force

Why Latin America's bloody protests won't die out anytime soon

Dozens of demonstrators have been killed and thousands injured by state forces from Bogota to Santiago. The violence has been most prominent in Chile, where thousands have been hurt, including more than 200 who sustained eye injuries from the use of pellet shotguns by authorities,

More than 360 people have eye injuries, which have been caused by the police firing pellets or tear gas canisters directly into their faces. Dozens of them have lost one eye, and in a couple of cases, people have been entirely blinded. 

Chile and the US share high income inequality, Gini coefficient

Police butality in Hong Kong

anti nuclear activists arrested in France 2018


Elizabeth McAlister still sits in Georgia Prison

way back in 1979  1200 anti nukers arrested, one killed

1983....more anti nuke anti war protesters ....1.5 million of them...more arrests

Continues until today.  The powerful like their power
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
Iran shooting down a plane in the latest volley of the Middle East war didn't make any sense to me.  Indeed, it stirred up quite the protest against Iran at such an act.  Comments in these SOTT articles give a plausible explanation for the anomalous missile strike on a civilian plane by Iran.  The powerful have no problem exercising their power and showing off their capabilities no matter the loss of lives.  

Was the crash of PS752 a case of russian roulette in the Iranian sky?
Clive Irving
The Daily Beast
Fri, 10 Jan 2020 19:31 UTC

WikiLeaks: Russia Gave Israel Codes to Iranian TOR-1M Air-Defense Systems
Yaakov Lappin
The Jerusalem Post
Thu, 01 Mar 2012 20:18 UTC


Cyber warfare, a hack job. No evidence when vulnerabilities are exploited. It wasn't an accident.

Was Iranian Missile Operator Tricked Into Shooting Down The Ukrainian Airlines Plane Over Tehran?
Joe Quinn
Mon, 13 Jan 2020 15:41 UTC
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
5g,   Orwellian future is here

swarms of drones,  mind controlled....and the mind controlled.   The matrix


its real

not just for the battlefield

kind of old news
The Russian Defense Ministry said it suffered its first mass attack by drones guided by GPS in Syria. 
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
geoengineering for economic growth and jobs creation.   Of course

Some scientists believe that geoengineering, the idea that we could spray reflective particles into the atmosphere to reverse global warming, may especially reduce suffering in the hottest, poorest parts of the world.

A new paper in Nature Communications goes further, concluding that such measures could accelerate economic growth in nations most vulnerable to climate change

we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
“Using a bidirectional neural interface, a volunteer on the program named Nathan Copeland was able to simultaneously steer a simulated lead aircraft (a Mooney Bravo) and maintain formation of two, simulated unmanned support aircraft in a flight simulator.
So far, both volunteers of the tests live with a degree of paralysis. According to DARPA, each individual had to undergo surgery to place electrodes in their brain to successfully complete a neural interface. However, DARPA has plans to be able to create the interface without the surgery.


Scientists Getting Closer to “Smart Dust” Brain Implants That Communicate Via Wireless Network

Transhumanism is well on its way to becoming a reality in the United States military, as the Pentagon has announced that it’s working on a new “neural interface” technology that would connect human brains directly to machines as a way to control them.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, also known as DARPA, says the technology, known as Next-Generation Non-Surgical Neurotechnology, or N3, will allow troops to connect to special military control systems using just their brainwaves. The technology will allow for humans to not only control military machines with their minds, but also the inverse – military machines would be able to transmit information to users’ brains as well.


Trapwire....is this fake news or what?
Trapwire is the name of a program revealed in the latest Wikileaks bonanza—it is the mother of all leaks, by the way….. “Former senior intelligence officials have created a detailed surveillance system more accurate than modern facial recognition technology—and have installed it across the U.S. under the radar of most Americans, according to emails hacked by Anonymous.  Every few seconds, data picked up at surveillance points in major cities and landmarks across the United States are recorded digitally on the spot, then encrypted and instantaneously delivered to a fortified central database center at an undisclosed location to be aggregated with other intelligence. It’s part of a program called TrapWire and it’s the brainchild of the Abraxas, a Northern Virginia company (has been acquired by Cubic corporation) staffed with elite from America’s intelligence community.  


The Government Is Serious About Creating Mind-Controlled Weapons
Genetically tweaking human brains
To do this, Robinson's team plans to use viruses modified to deliver genetic material into cells — called viral vectors — to insert DNA into specific neurons that will make them produce two kinds of proteins
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
Smart dust fairy trust on the bus
Oh look here comes your puss
Killing machine human gene
No longer need that spleen
Hush hush, deaf ears let in the crush
Fuss fuss, turned cheeks content in plush
A heroes glean, charitable quarantine
So foreseen, caught in an ignorance beam
Oh that human thing, songs to flings
Lost in interface, a built case they'll bring
Sayonara, so long a song bird no longer sings

Anyway there is real paper with fake power to be printed.....got brainwash?
Griffith's experiment, reported in 1928 by Frederick Griffith, was the first experiment suggesting that bacteria are capable of transferring genetic information through a process known as transformation. Griffith's findings were followed by research in the late 1930s and early 40s that isolated DNA as the material that communicated this genetic information.

Horizontal genetic transfer was then described in Seattle in 1951, in a paper demonstrating that the transfer of a viral gene into Corynebacterium diphtheriae created a virulent strain from a non-virulent strain, also simultaneously solving the riddle of diphtheria (that patients could be infected with the bacteria but not have any symptoms, and then suddenly convert later or neve

Gene transfer agents (GTAs) are DNA-containing virus-like particles that are produced by some bacteria and archaea and mediate horizontal gene transfer. Different GTA types have originated independently from viruses in several bacterial and archaeal lineages. These cells produce GTA particles containing short segments of the DNA present in the cell. After the particles are released from the producer cell, they can attach to related cells and inject their DNA into the cytoplasm.  The DNA can then become part of the recipient cells' genome

In 1950, the U.S. Released a Bioweapon in San Francisco
In a secret germ warfare experiment, the Army sprays a vast cloud of Serratia marcescens over the Bay Area from a vessel in waters off San Francisco. A few people die from it, and the infectious bacteria is still a problem, contaminating vaccines and people.
This was one of hundreds of bioweapon simulations carried out in the 1950s and 1960s.  These experiments on the public were kept secret.

70 years later, the government is perfecting their horizontal gene transfer.
scientists with DARPA are looking at introducing genetically modified viruses that can edit chromosomes directly in fields—these are known as horizontal environmental genetic alteration agents (HEGAAs).

The DARPA program is using the principles of HEGAAs but, unlike traditional methods of dispersal—like spraying fields with them—it wants to spread them through insects

 already-existing technology can generate predictable and fast-acting weapons, along with their means of delivery, capable of threatening virtually any crop species,

An international team of researchers and lawyers is sounding the alarm about a US government programme that is developing genetically modified viruses that would be dispersed into the environment using insects 


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military.  They design creepy weapons.  Therefor its inconceivable that insect or microbe delivered horizontal gene transfer genetic modification programs arent weaponized. 

Here is one example of the creepy kind of things DARPA does.

"Remote control animals are animals that are controlled remotely by humans. Some applications require electrodes to be implanted in the animal's nervous system connected to a receiver which is usually carried on the animal's back. The animals are controlled by the use of radio signals. The electrodes do not move the animal directly, as if controlling a robot; rather, they signal a direction or action desired by the human operator and then stimulate the animal's reward centres if the animal complies. These are sometimes called bio-robots or robo-animals. They can be considered to be cyborgs as they combine electronic devices with an organic life form."

Several species of animals have been successfully controlled remotely. These include mothsbeetlescockroachesratsdogfish sharksmice and pigeons.

Is it reasonable to believe that a government that tests germ warfare and nuclear toxins on people without their consent is not going to design these kinds of projects for use on people as well? Of course they have openly stated they are developing this kind of man machine cyborg for use in the military.  

When will the public decide to stop funding projects like these?
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout

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