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Dec 2019 comments
""gamma-radiation and MeHg can interact and significantly exacerbate developmental neurotoxic effects, as manifested by disrupted spontaneous behaviour, lack of habituation, and impaired learning and memory functions."

Interaction of gamma-radiation and methyl mercury during a critical phase of neonatal brain development in mice exacerbates developmental neurobehavioural effects."

Ruh Roh...
A paper by Ed Berry based on simplified physics looks at the climate issue.   I find it interesting to read the comment thread at the bottom.  Who is convincing?

I kept expecting to see Greta chime in since she 'knows' the climate science. 

Im not smart enough to make an opinion about the climate science. The presentation by Salby was interesting, but I couldnt follow it in full.  https://edberry.com/blog/climate/climate...heric-co2/

One thing that seems fairly obvious is that the earth is a mess....if you like any life other than rich humans that is....and that mess has not yet been caused by co2.   I get the feeling that most people dont even think the living world is in dire shape

BTW, sorry if I have deluged the comment forum.  Nothing lasts forever...
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
Mankind's technological development has given us so many elements and chemicals that cause serious health issues and from just the smallest amounts.  It took years and strong regulation to get the Lead out of gasoline and Lead and Cadmium out of paint.  DDT was found to be toxic but its replacement with Glyphosate is still poisoning the wildlife and us.  Contrary to industrial proclamations, radionuclides are increasing the ionizing radiation we're exposed to.  The latest threat to our health comes from cell phone communications, non-ionizing radiation.  It was suggested that we needed a forum just for non-ionizing radiation. Let me know if there are other threads that should be moved to the new forum.  

Health & Environmental effects of Non-Ionizing Radiation
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
I think that we do not know the half of it in oh so many ways.

Gamma-ray laser moves a step closer to reality

"Extremely short-lived and only briefly stable, positronium is a hydrogen-like atom and a mixture of matter and antimatter—specifically, bound states of electrons and their antiparticles called positrons. To create a gamma-ray laser beam, positronium needs to be in a state called a Bose-Einstein condensate—a collection of positronium atoms in the same quantum state, allowing for more interactions and gamma radiation. Such a condensate is the key ingredient of a gamma-ray laser."


I'm positive that the last mistake of mankind will not be televised...

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