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Climate Debate with Greta Thunberg
“Implementing Geological Disposal” ? – NO THANKS!!!

...“Implementing Geological Disposal”- the push for geological disposal is all about the plan to build more nuclear reactors, more plutonium and tritium for the military and has nothing whatsoever to do with protecting future generations from radioactive wastes . Radioactive wastes have the potential to make this planet uninhabitable for eons to come and are the biggest threat to all life as we know it on planet earth. “Green” Sweden, the home of Greta is taking the lead in this diabolic project to dump nuclear wastes dangerously out of sight and out of mind in order to build more reactors.

At a recent meeting in Cockermouth, Allerdale Councillors were informed that government agencies have been buying up farm land – Ennerdale is a case in point! The Irish Sea was also mentioned as a possible “host.” Cumbria County Councillors have already voted unanimously to allow deep mining infrastructure to be embedded under the Irish Sea – I wonder if they realise they have also willingly ushered in “experts in geological disposal” with West Cumbria Mining? The below is from their website….

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