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Visitor Comments Oct 2019
Joe and Beth covering old blues. Beth is great, considered current Queen of the blues. She writes new blues, too, sounds like old blues. Compare Fire on the Floor (old) to Close to my Fire (hers).
don't stir up the hot particles
Dern page turned...
don't stir up the hot particles

The one thing I would like help with is correcting the woods hole graphic  of our radioactive ocean.
One of the projects is to re-draw the Woods Hole graph. Two graphs are in order, the first to show the radionuclides they didnt mention, like radioactive iodine and xenon...these would be in becquerels.   And a second graphic to show approximate danger to life,  so I suppose ECRR updated dose coefficients.  Uranium oceanic form,  thorium, polonium, carbon14  and whatever else of importance

our radioactive ocean

This thread is the start of ICRP related issues
Sievert no Sirve

This thread begins with a Chris Busby video link

emerging paradigms  lists many threads that Chris Busby might find interesting, as many of the core concepts are built upon ECRR  information.  I suppose Mr Busby is too busy to read through any of it though
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
Thanks for the links, Code. I'll relay those in am. I think he only tweets every few months, maybe checks acct,. more often.
    As for helping with the graphic, well, I'm way off grid, never had a PC or electricity here, working with a phone and a tablet, and no real Tech skills.
  Where I can help is to write up what happened to me and my wife as a result of working in the rain for over 200 hours in 2011. We had no idea what was happening in Japan, it was to be a year longer before I even got a smarty phone , so that I could get edumacated. After I write it up I will invite anybody to point out to me how the horrors we experienced were anything but nuclear related. I don't write real well, as you know, but I'm going to polish that post, you betcha.
ICRP vs ECRR. They can't both be right. Which model better describes health outcomes irl? Rhetorical question.
      btw, got a few pics of leaf mutations to post. Real doozies from this year. Befuddling. Suggestion on where to post?
don't stir up the hot particles
Where to put your pics, Kitty?
Or here?

My vote is the first link...

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