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Drafts in Review
IAEA drafts currently under review and closing dates for submission of comments to be considered in the Australian Member State response are:

    DS478 - Safety of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities
    NST009 - Building Capacity for Nuclear Security
    NST004 - Developing a National Framework for Managing the Response to Nuclear Security Events
    DS485 - Ageing Management and Development of a Programme for Long Term Operation of Nuclear Power Plants
    DS472 - Organisation, Management and Staffing of a Regulatory Body for Safety
    DS473 - Functions and Processes of the Regulatory Body for Safety
    DS403 - Decommissioning of Medical, Industrial and Research Facilities
Review of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Drafts

ARPANSA coordinates the Member State comment on documents as they are developed and provides feedback on behalf of Australia to the IAEA through Safety Standards Committee members.

Comments on drafts are requested in relation to:
  • Relevance and usefulness - Are the stated objectives appropriate, and are they met by the document?
  • Scope and completeness - Is the stated scope appropriate, and is it adequately covered by the document?
  • Quality and clarity - Do the requirements/guidance in the document represent the current consensus among specialists in the field, and are they expressed clearly and coherently?

Comments of an editorial nature will be considered; however, it should be noted that the document will be comprehensively edited by the IAEA Secretariat prior to its final submission for endorsement.

Any comments made should refer to the relevant paragraph number in the document being reviewed, and when appropriate, should propose alternative text.

Note that the date given for submission of comments to ARPANSA is different to the one listed on the draft document itself. This is to allow time to collate all submissions and prepare a consolidated Australian response in time to meet the IAEA deadline.

Please note, ARPANSA will not be sending out hard copies of these documents.
See Reviewed Drafts for Member State Comment for a list of previous reviewed documents.
just pm me if needed.

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