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Maybe a Forum for Storage Technology?

‘World’s largest tech investor’ puts US$110m bet on energy storage using concrete

[Image: energy_vault_2018.png]

"Energy Vault has developed a form of energy storage inspired by pumped hydropower stations, which rely on the movement of water to store and discharge electricity. In its solution, concrete blocks weighing 35 metric tons are lowered up and down an energy storage tower, storing and releasing energy."

Humans did not create background radiation...

Interesting Jebus..not much pollution , not much killing of animals and others , no blocking of migratory species , not much noise pollution either if they do it right..seems like a winner at first sight..
"Who would have thought that mankind massively converting O2 to CO2 in such a short timeline would cause problems on a planet that depends on CO2 being massively converted to O2 to support mankinds life?"   Pixels of light borrowed from Jebus. 
A mix of solar, wind and batteries threatens the future of nuclear power


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