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Australia Eyes SMRs
Tony Wood, energy program director at the Grattan Institute, said an inquiry made sense, in terms of keeping longer term options open.
Wood said Australia’s transition to a zero emissions energy system was most likely to be dominated by solar and wind power supported by gas, pumped hydro and battery storage.
“Today’s nuclear technology is expensive and comes in one size – XXL,” he said.
“Yet there is a circumstance in which things could change. If the cost and reliability in a very high renewables world become problematic AND there is significant progress towards commercially viable small scale nuclear reactors, they might be a serious possibility. 
"It therefore makes sense for Australian governments to understand and track these developments if only to keep the option open,” Wood said. 
In the terms of reference for the inquiry, Taylor asks for it to “report on the circumstances and prerequisites necessary for any future government’s consideration of nuclear energy generation including small modular reactor technologies in Australia.”...

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