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What Oil Companies Knew About Climate Change and When: A Timeline
Here is a timeline that shows internal research and discussions by some of the biggest oil companies over the past 40 years and how their public statements and campaigns often included very different messages. It begins to draw the picture of what the fossil fuel industry knew about climate change and when and how it contrasted with their public stance:


Internal Documents for the Harvard Study That Shows Exxon Lied About Climate Change

Two Harvard researchers compared almost four decades’ worth of internal, scientific, and external documents from Exxon, showing that the giant oil corporation privately knew about and accepted climate change while publicly proclaiming doubt.

We always ask what have we done because we don't know what we are doing.

This is on their hands..all Polluters..all billionaires.. despite their understanding of what they were creating..
Their deliberate strategies aka "work". .all the bills of pathological greed, heavily supperted by tax money for "not so free market" Subsidies directed by legally and illegally bribed pathological politicians.. that also get tax money.., are falling togheter..connecting in feedback loops and what not..fire and fury is coming to all of us..
Scream for attention or your children's lifes and they label you a socialist..or terrorist..
Only the consequences are for the sucked empty little "voters" around the globe..
'"Biggest Crisis No One Is Talking About': Quarter of Humanity Faces 'Extremely High Water Stress' Intensified by Climate Emergency

"A new generation of solutions is emerging, but nowhere near fast enough."

byJessica Corbett, staff writer

A child sits in an area affected by a drought in the southern outskirts of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, in 2016. In the same area this September, the Honduran government declared a state of emergency because of drought as 290 municipalities are on the verge of running out of food. (Photo: Orlando Sierra/Stringer/Getty Images)
An analysis released Tuesday warns that 17 countries which are collectively home to a quarter of the global population face "extremely high water stress" that is on track to get worse—particularly because of the human-caused climate emergency.
The data is part of the World Resources Institute's (WRI) Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas, a publicly available database and interactive tool designed to enhance global understanding of water scarcity, which WRI calls "one of the defining issues of the 21st century."
"The newly updated Aqueduct tools allow users to better see and understand water risks and make smart decisions to manage them," WRI president and CEO Andrew Steer said in a statement. "A new generation of solutions is emerging, but nowhere near fast enough. Failure to act will be massively expensive in human lives and livelihoods."
"Water stress is the biggest crisis no one is talking about," said Steer. "Its consequences are in plain sight in the form of food insecurity, conflict and migration, and financial instability."
The WRI statement noted that "the world has seen a string of water crises in recent years, as what's now known as 'Day Zero'—the day when the taps run dry—has threatened major cities from Cape Town to São Paolo to Chennai."
Betsy Otto, who directs WRI's global water program, told The New York Times that "we're likely to see more of these Day Zeros in the future."
Otto, speaking to The Guardian, added that "our populations and economies are growing and demanding more water. But our supply is threatened by climate change, water waste, and pollution."


Fire and Fury..just a spectacle for a psychopath.. a culler.. 

Climate Change in Siberia: Massive Wildlife Tragedy as Bears and Foxes Flee Taiga, While Smaller Animals Suffocate in Smoke
Predators seek food in villages all around Siberia as climate expert warns of worse fires each year due to soaring rise in temperatures, 10C above average..
Wild animals are turning to humans as they escape gas-chamber-like woods, with wildfires continuing to rage across almost 3 million hectares.
Even the Arctic is on fire, with smoke blanketing an area larger than the European Union, and a state of emergency declared in several large areas of Siberia.
And a dire warning has been sounded about a major change in climate in Siberia.
Extinction foretold.. Extinction ignored.. 
Chooo chooooooooo.... oh Thomas how could you


Plus open coal cars release large amounts of coal dust particulate..... hi little creatures and waterways
Its winter in northern Canada, and some people are arguing about who knew the window was open and what to do about it.  Meanwhile, an entire wall has collapsed and nobody is talking about it.  In this story, the window represents the threat of climate change.  The collapsed wall represents the impact of resource exploitation and pollution from the huge human population
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
Well the invisible wall of economies is propping up the house of cards....jobs, not life. I don't think anyone here disagrees that resource exploitation and human population in regards to pollution is the driver.
  Coal, oil, gas are all resource exploitation and they harm the environment through their exploitation. They are also powerful economy drivers that lead to growth and population expansion for many millennia now.
They also lead to manufacturing, research, modernization and has led us down the path we now stare. Understanding their psychology is important.
 Ya know promising jobs and economic equality, security.... oh and a prosperous future, lest we forget .
That wall is a bizzzznatch I tell ya. Humans love walls...physical, psychological and even made up ones(money)
What about that ceiling? Rising to the top? Putting a cap on it?
 Money, money, money... the masters say you got to have it. They have it and promise to show you how to get it: be a slave.
Killer Mike knows..... he says kill your masters. He is right. But the tech they are deploying will keep them masters until the poisons get us all... have patience.
Oil, gas and coal jump started this revolution: https://www.ijc.org/en/history-and-evolution-microbead

Granted we do have plant based versions now but how much and at what exploited cost?
Oil and Coal is a lot more than CO2 though.   I hear that a climate scientist was able to include an interesting little factoid in the IPCC report;  the climate models were more accurate if they didnt include CO2.   

Im not saying its a non issue.  But its an issue for the future.  I have found very little evidence CO2  and climate change is a current problem,  but I find a lot of hype.    If consensus is anything,  science thinks climate change is about 7%  of the forces destroying the biosphere.   The main problem is they try to monetize it, and thus focus on CO2 to the exclusion of everything else.

So if we talk about causes,  we can imply that oil and money are the cause of so many problems, including perhaps the population,  but actually population is the main problem, in my humble opinion.  Education is shown to reduce breeding rates, despite oil economies.  

It appears "conservatives" are all smug that climate and going green is a stupid thing from "liberals",  destroying the good old days of business as usual....and "liberals"  are all in a tizzy that conservatives are hindering the chance to save society and a sustainable future.   Theyre both wrong.   Stuck in an anthropocentric normalcy bias.   Both sides are really on the same side, wanting to maintain the current way, the human centered way.
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
I agree Code, I've always stated I don't buy into the CO2, carbon tax meme... more exploitation. It's been shown the planet has had higher CO2 levels way back when and life still existed. There are many other gases that trap far more heat/energy than CO2 but probably don't last as long in the atmosphere. Though if they are constantly being materialized...

The extraction of coal, oil and gas poison the planet and people and have been for some time.
Most freight trains run Diesel. Diesel releases vast amounts of particulates....poison. It goes up it comes down it blows around.
Planes, so many planes everyday...nasty particulates. Economies gotta have them
Cargo Trucks....Diesel
Cargo ships...Diesel
What would economies do with out these drivers of 'growth'
The climate is changing.... for billions of years, no getting around it.
Economies change.... thousands of years
Humans change....one chance left

Yes there is only one party... politicians. They are exploiting climate change, through denial and acceptance....what's new?
IMHO population control is not possible because we don't respect the natural laws of the universe(dogma).
It would have to be mandated or a catastrophic event.

We have left the planet little choice. As many have and do I bare my soul for her
It's all connected, every last thing.
Oh and we do it for the children.
People seem quite alright with masters. Perhaps it affords them the right to less accountability.

Humans, the stupidest species to claim intelligence
earthsmith,  well perhaps to your point,  if civil planning was based around a local agrarian way, we could save the oil for what  and when i's really needed.  High energy density needs and lubrication,  not heating and transport.

Big cities are a very bad idea.  They divide the people from nature and its support of their lives.  Cities are a rat maze where people spend 95 percent of their time inside little boxes, working to pay taxes and interest.   Architecture....all the heating and even much of the cooling can come from passive solar design.  Heating homes is one of the largest uses of fossil fuels. 

Mankind needs to live in villages surrounded by enough of the living world to support that village.  A minimum of ten times the mass of people in trees and food productive plants.   People need to live and walk in nature.  Thats the solution to the fossil fuel problem, to a large degree.  It is, without any doubt, the time tested solution.

But being in balance with nature is not good business.  Our society can only imagine 'making money' off other people.  If we cured the ailments of civilization....if people didnt have to take pharmaceutical drugs, go to the doctor all the time,  if they didnt have to work all the time to pay usury and taxes and insurance, if they could pick fruit and vegetables from the yard or food forest right next to their house....if we didnt engage in endless war,  then a whole lot of very wealthy people would suddenly run out of income.   In fact they were never 'making' money, they were just sequestering it from a sick and highly controlled populace.   cash cows

Oil is a precious resource...to be used carefully.   The sun is the glorious bounty, upon which everything is based...all economies except nuclear....and its free.   The universe was always free, its only men that have tried to commoditize everything, including water and carbon dioxide, natures 'breath'.

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

Jiddu Krishnamurti 
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout

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