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Visitor comments aug 2019
""We are fighting for our lives. But not only that, we are also fighting for our future children and grandchildren, for future generations, for every single living being on earth, whose biosphere we share, whose biosphere we are stealing, whose biosphere we are ruining."

—Greta Thunberg"

Let’s Make Friday the Biggest Day of Climate Action in Global History

What do Ben and Jerry’s, an 800,000-member South African trade union, countless college professors, a big chunk of Amazon’s Seattle workforce, and more high school students than you can imagine have in common? They’re all joining in a massive climate strike this coming Friday, September 20 — a strike that will likely register as the biggest day of climate action in the planet’s history.

More than this, what they have in common is something they share with much of the rest of humanity: a rapidly growing fear that global warming is out of control and that we must act with remarkable speed if we have any hope of getting our civilizations safely through the century. This growing realization is clear in many places: in the UK, for instance, where Extinction Rebellion began its massive civil disobedience, a campaign now spreading around the world. And in Washington, D.C., where the Sunrise Movement and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been building powerful support for a Green New Deal.

But the climate strikes, of course, had their genesis in high schools — or, more exactly, outside of high schools, which is where 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg found herself last autumn. Why, she asked the Swedish authorities, should I spend all day in school preparing myself for the future when you aren’t preparing the country or the world for the future? That is a good question — so good that it quickly spread around the planet.
I’ve known school strikers on every continent with schools, and they should give everyone heart: Youth activists are awake and aware and working hard. As usual, those in the most vulnerable communities are leading the way. This is a movement in which Indigenous youth, kids from communities of color, and those who live on sinking islands are on the front line.

But these young activists are also asking for help. On May 23, at the end of the last massive school strike, Thunberg and 46 other youth activists released an open letter to The Guardian urging adults to join in next time. Because, as they pointed out, there are limits to what young people can do on their own. If you can’t vote, and if you don’t own stocks, then your ability to pull the main levers of power is limited. They wrote: “Sorry if this is inconvenient for you. But this is not a single-generation job. It’s humanity’s job.”
People around the world are responding to the call. The biggest demonstrations will probably be in New York City, because of the excitement surrounding Thunberg’s arrival by sailboat to address the UN General Assembly. But there will be rallies in all 50 states (a full list is at globalclimatestrike.net). Often, they’ll be led by students at local high schools and colleges, but in many cases, the emphasis is on adult participation — shop owners are closing their doors for the afternoon, and chefs shutting down restaurants to feed demonstrators.
A day in the streets can demonstrate to everyone that the zeitgeist is shifting, and decisively.

Can this worldwide strike galvanize us into significant climate action? By itself, surely not. No single thing is enough to make a decisive difference — not blocking pipelines or divesting portfolios or electing new senators. But a day in the streets can demonstrate to everyone that the zeitgeist is shifting, and decisively. It’s the zeitgeist that activists really play for: the sense of what is normal, natural, obvious. (Think of how gay marriage now seems conventional to many Americans, and then try to remember what it seemed like to much of the culture a decade ago).

We’re coming up on the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day. In the spring of 1970, 20 million Americans — 10 percent of the country’s population — took to the street for that protest. It was almost certainly the largest day of political action in its history. And that was enough. The zeitgeist shifted decisively, and Richard Nixon, of all presidents, signed into law all the most important environmental laws, from the Clean Water Act to the Endangered Species Act. (Incidentally, these are all laws that Donald Trump is currently trying to gut.)

You can find the signs to indicate we might be on the cusp of a similar shift. The polling shows that Americans are far more concerned about climate change than even a year or two ago. Partly that’s because of good organizing, partly it’s because the planet continues to demonstrate our folly with fire and flood, and partly it’s because Donald Trump has bellowed his climate denialism so loudly that it’s begun to disconcert everyone who is not in his cult. Surveys show that he’s more out of touch with Americans on the environment than on any other issue. If and when Trump goes, climate denialism as a powerful political force may well go with him.

But even if we leave climate denial behind us, will we really start to move with the speed we must? The answer to that will lie in how many people truly demand action. We’ll start to find out what the numbers look like on September 20.

This story is part of Covering Climate Now, a global collaboration of more than 220 news outlets to strengthen coverage of the climate story.



There Is an Awakening Going On': Greta Thunberg Honored With Amnesty's Top Award Days Before Global Climate Strikes

"What I'm telling you to do now is to act. Because no one is too small to make a difference. I'm urging all of you to take part in the global climate strikes on September 20th and September 27th."

"Who would have thought that mankind massively converting O2 to CO2 in such a short timeline would cause problems on a planet that depends on CO2 being massively converted to O2 to support mankinds life?"   Pixels of light borrowed from Jebus. 
I wonder what action they want, as a result of the strikes?  Carbon tax?

we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
(09-17-2019, 06:49 PM)Code Wrote: I wonder what action they want, as a result of the strikes?  Carbon tax?


One of the different way's I see it , is also somewhere in your own post's and suggestions Code..i'm not gonne expand on it because now that would be a distraction..but lets practice mkay lol..critical mass..
"Who would have thought that mankind massively converting O2 to CO2 in such a short timeline would cause problems on a planet that depends on CO2 being massively converted to O2 to support mankinds life?"   Pixels of light borrowed from Jebus. 
"The Global Climate Strike" = "Earth Day"

That's as close as I can tell so far. Maybe the intense communication makes it different this time.
Maybe more humans see the results of the human touch now. Too many are unconscious from the comforts.
It was all supposed to change back then from the first earth day. As far as demands...

From the FAQ

What difference will it make?

These Climate Strikes won’t solve the climate crisis alone. What this moment can do is demonstrate that people are no longer willing to continue with business as usual. The urgency of the climate crisis requires a new approach and a just response centred on human rights, equity, and justice.
Greta Thunberg’s lone protest caught the world’s attention last year, and has spread to millions of school children who are sounding the alarm. Now it’s everyone’s turn to stand with young people and show world leaders the people power demanding climate justice. September’s climate strikes will kickstart a huge wave of action and renewed ambition all over the world.

What are you asking for?

The climate crisis is an emergency – we want everyone to start acting like it. We demand climate justice for everyone.
Our hotter planet is already hurting millions of people. If we don’t act now to transition fairly and swiftly away from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy for all, the injustice of the climate crisis will only get worse.
We need to act right now to stop burning fossil fuels and ensure a rapid energy revolution with equity, reparations and climate justice at its heart.


Seems a rabbit hole. Don't get me wrong, it is good. But I am not so sure it will be effective this time either.

Watch how the establishment treats it all...
Humans did not create background radiation...

This is a better explaination of the demands of the US climate strike...



See, it's kinda murky being shunted all over trying to narrow down a "Global Climate Strike"

DUDe, are you still on the east side of the atlantic? I can imagine it is a far larger event in europe.
Humans did not create background radiation...

Whenever a 'Lone HERO'  waltzes straight to the U.N.  and Trump and is the headline of every news outlet, I get very suspicious.  How come CafeRadLab isnt front news..why arent we invited to the U.N.?     Money

The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – for Consent: The Political Economy of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex

 Greta Thunberg, the current child prodigy and face of the youth movement to combat climate change, served as special youth advisor and trustee to the foundation established by “We Don’t Have Time”, a burgeoning mainstream tech start-up. 

 today’s youth are the sacrificial lambs for the ruling elite.   the leadership in the nascent We Don’t Have Time and the partnerships between the well established corporate environmental entities: Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, 350.org, Avaaz, Global Utmaning (Global Challenge), the World Bank, and the World Economic Forum (WEF).
 Al Gore and the Planet’s most powerful capitalists are behind today’s manufactured youth movements  Look at Thunberg’s celebrity mother, Malena Ernman (WWF Environmental Hero of the Year 2017), and her August 2018 book launch. the generous media attention afforded to Thunberg in both May and April of 2018 by SvD, one of Sweden’s largest newspapers.

the primary architect and authors of the “Green New Deal” are linked to the World Resources Institute.  the interlocking Business & Sustainable Development Commission, the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, and the New Climate Economy – a project of the World Resources Institute.   this has culminated in the implementation of payments for ecosystem services (the financialization and privatization of nature, global in scale) which is “expected to be adopted during the fifteenth meeting in Beijing in 2020.”

  the very foundations which have financed the climate “movement” over the past decade are the same foundations now partnered with the Climate Finance Partnership looking to unlock 100 trillion dollars from pension funds.   ten years of strategic social engineering that have brought us to this very precipice.  look at the relationship between WWF, Stockholm Institute and World Resources Institute as key instruments in the creation of the financialization of nature.  l
With the smoke now cleared, the weak and essentially non-existent demands reminiscent of the 2009 TckTckTck “demands” can now be fully understood.
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot have teamed up to create a film on the climate crisis

You mean THIS  George Monbiot?

Why Fukushima made me stop worrying and love nuclear power
George Monbiot

9-11 conspiracy theorists are morons
9/11 fantasists pose a mortal danger to popular oppositional campaigns
George Monbiot[/url]

Her New York trip, aboard the 18-meter Monaco-backed racing yacht «Malizia», will take approximately two weeks depending on weather conditions. The yacht is normally sponsored by German carmaker BMW as well as by Swiss private bank EFG Internationa

She was invited by renowned German skipper Boris Hermann and by Pierre Casiraghi, the son of Monaco's Princess Caroline. Casiraghi represented a new BMW roadster model the carmaker unveiled in May. Malizia, the yacht, was is owned by German property tycoon Gerhard Senft, who bought it from Swiss-French finance group Edmond de Rothschild.

Ingmar Rentzhog, an entrepreneur who claims he found and helped develop the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg into a world phenomenon, also used her name to bring in almost SEK 10 million in venture capital for his company

Everything was carefully planned to transform the young Swede into an international heroine

Among the shareholders of the start-up, we find members of the two interconnected families: the Perssons, children of the billionaire Sven Olof Persson, who made their fortune in large part by selling cars (Bilbolaget Nord AB), and the Rentzhogs. The two families of investors, who met in the region of Jämtland, have no connections to environmentalism, they are specialists in finance.
Saving the planet by continuing to pursue economic growth and demanding more globalisation

we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
90% of the rain in Colorado has plastic fibers. Interestingly, the fibers are exactly the same as morgellons fibers.  They say they are in many colors, but the fact is they are pink and cyan blue.  Ive checked these fiber colors against the lint in the dryer and can state for sure these are not clothes fibers.   


How hard can it be to check what these fibers are made out of?  Scientific study of Morgellons finds they arent plastic
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
The 'view todays post' function is a little broken.  It jumbles up
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout

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