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The Politics of Radiation Revisited
Nuclear safety regulators take heat for downplaying threat from atomic fuel plant
By Sammy Fretwell, The State (Columbia, S.C.) 11/15/2019

Westinghouse Columbia Fuel Fabrication Facility, Columbia, South Carolina
More violations at Westinghouse nuclear fuel plant. But feds keep details secret

The Westinghouse/NRC secret?  I bet it's pretty bad... We all know it's not about security...that was breached long ago.

Likely the miss-shipped drum revealed the tampering and the contents weren't as labeled. The workers perhaps filled it with something else, after the tampering, so when it showed up in the wrong place, Feds uncovered the bad business practices, the tamper-evident seal breach being the least of their worries. A barrel of laughs, I tell ya. Keep 'em guessing NRC. Slip those SMRs in when nobody's lookin', too...
The evacuation zone timeline (previous page)

NRC Chief: 10-Mile Evac Zone “A Planning Standard”
By Jim Fitzgerald • May 10, 2011

But he said he expects there will be some updates in NRC regulations as the result of the Japan crisis, which was sparked by an earthquake and tsunami that knocked out critical cooling systems at nuclear plants. Some 80,000 people living within 12 miles were evacuated.

Jaczko said a task force has been appointed at the NRC "to look at the challenges and issues that we face coming out of Japan. ... I expect that we'll learn some good lessons and I expect that there'll be some changes to our requirements as a result of that."

While Jaczko was touring the nuclear plants, several anti-Indian Point demonstrators joined reporters waiting for the chairman's news conference to begin in an Indian Point parking lot. They carried signs saying "No Fukushima in Westchester" and "Evacuation Impossible." When they resisted a security guard's request that they leave, state troopers were called in to escort them away.
WASHINGTON--The staff of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission recommended yesterday that the agency adopt a controversial rules change that would enable it to license nuclear power plants over the objections of state and local officials.

The proposed modification in emergency planning standards is designed principally to facilitate the startup of two $5 billion reactors on the East Coast--Seabrook in New Hampshire and Shoreham on Long Island, N.Y.--despite claims by local authorities that area residents could not be evacuated safely in the event of a serious accident.

Current NRC rules virtually preclude licensing a nuclear plant unless state and local officials cooperate in emergency planning for residents within a 10-mile radius. The proposed change would allow the commission to approve evacuation plans drawn up solely by the utilities, if local officials balk.

The issue has produced heated debate in Congress and an unprecedented flood of public and industry arguments to the NRC itself.
It won’t be an April Fools joke for the Select Board in 2020 when Holtec International, the owner of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant, plans to remove the sirens April 1.


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