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Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant
[Image: 1*SVSkA3GSMQhwC9Pu05urNg.jpeg]
Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant

In 2017, federal regulators from the U.S. Department of Energy testing the neighborhood around a 20th century uranium plant in Pike County, Ohio, made a startling discovery in the air near a middle school attended by hundreds of local children — traces of neptunium-237, an extremely radioactive particle, typically a by-product from nuclear reactors.

But what happened next was even more incredible. Instead of issuing a public alert that might have led to more testing and a possible closure of the Zahn’s Corner Middle School, located in an economically depressed region of southern Ohio, the U.S. government said absolutely nothing.


U.S. Energy Secretary Tours American Centrifuge Plant - 10.06.2017

On September 29, 2017, U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry toured the American Centrifuge Plant facilities in Piketon, Ohio, to learn about Centrus’ demonstration of advanced U.S. uranium enrichment technology at the site and the site’s potential to host a plant for national security purposes.

Accompanying Perry were U.S. Senator Rob Portman, U.S Representatives Bill Johnson and Brad Wenstrup, along with Centrus President and CEO Dan Poneman and Vice President of Field Operations Larry Cutlip.

During the tour, Perry saw the recently decommissioned Demonstration Cascade, which successfully operated for three years to prove the readiness of Centrus’ AC100 centrifuge machine. The site could be utilized in the future to reestablish America’s domestic uranium enrichment capability for national security and other purposes

Humans did not create background radiation...

Hi Jebus, there had been a brief discussion about this in the gov. corruption thread. Maybe could be moved here? The school can't find a third party contractor to do sampling... hmmm wonder why.

Hello rthsmth, good to hear from you. I hope all the ENE crew keeps posting the current state of affairs.

Maybe Horse can bring that convo over. It fits under the PGDP. A long history of contamination there.

The neptunium-237 was caught in an air sample. That seems current enough for me.

Neptunium-237, an Alpha emitter. Sampled in the air. It is now an internal Alpha emitter for everything that breathes..

From wiki

"The most stable isotope of neptunium, neptunium-237, is a by-product of nuclear reactors and plutonium production. It, and the isotope neptunium-239, are also found in trace amounts in uranium ores due to neutron capture reactions and beta decay."

So it's present in trace amounts in Uranium. Sure, it's just from years before. We didn't know. It's safe now.

From above - "During the tour, Perry saw the recently decommissioned Demonstration Cascade, which successfully operated for three years to prove the readiness of Centrus’ AC100 centrifuge machine"

shhh, don't tell the children...
Humans did not create background radiation...

rthsmth: "Hi Jebus, there had been a brief discussion about this in the gov. corruption thread."

Looks like it's now Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant Thread. Winner!

"There's no place like home."

Lockheed Martin False Payment Claims-Failure to ID and Report Haz Waste at Nuclear Enrichment Site (Paducah, Kentucky); $5 Million Civil Suit Settlement Means Remain “Allegations”, But Criminal Suits; Personal Injury; Property Damage Suits, Etc., May Still Be Brought

...Settled out of court.


...Last weekend, DOE Secretary Rick Perry sent “a world class team of certified health physicists” to do follow-up sampling.

Besides the DOE, other defendants include its contractors – Centrus Energy Corporation; United States Enrichment Corporation; Uranium Disposition Services, LLC; BWXT Conversion Services, LLC; Mid-America Conversion Services, LLC; Bechtel Jacobs Company, LLC; Lata/Parallax Portsmouth, LLC; and Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth, LLC.

The plaintiffs seek to represent the following individuals, including all property owners within a seven-mile radius of the Portsmouth Site; all residents and former residents with more than one year of residence, also within a seven-mile radius; and all current and former students at Zahn’s Corner Middle School from 1993 to the present, as well as their parents.

The plaintiffs are asking the U.S. District Court to certify the class; award damages for loss of use and enjoyment of their property; and punitive damages. They are also asking for remediation of their property; a medical surveillance and medical monitoring program; and other procedures to settle the case.
Sen. Brown sounds off on Piketon radiation situation

Fears of radiological contamination in and around Pike County have one of Ohio’s elected leaders taking action.

Brown said Scioto Valley Local Schools District leaders made the right move in closing the Zahn’s Corner Middle School in May.

U.S. Department of Energy

“The Department is committed to the health and safety of the Piketon community. All previous data has indicated that there is no threat to the public’s safety. In light of the recent concerns of the community surrounding the closure of Zahn’s Corner Middle School, Secretary Perry sent a technical team from the world class National Labs to Piketon to take a comprehensive sampling of the school. That data is now under evaluation and will be released soon.”

Humans did not create background radiation...

regarding the validity of the " world class National Labs ",  readers may like to review the threads 'sievert no sirve' and 'geiger deception'
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
Radioactive Contamination in Ohio School SPECIAL: Whistleblower Vina Colley Exposes Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant History + BREAKING – 4 Years of DOE Monitoring Data to Be Released – NH #413
May 22, 2019

Libbe HaLevy
This Week’s Featured Interviews:

Radioactive contamination found at Ohio School – where is it from and what does it mean? Interview with Vina Colley; she is, in her own words, “a Whistleblower, a sick worker from the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion plant in Piketon, Ohio.” Vina is a Co-Founder of National Nuclear Workers for Justice (NNWJ) and Portsmouth/Piketon Resident for Environmental Safety and Security, or (PRESS). For more than 30 years, she has pushed the government to take responsibility for the radiological contamination that came from the Uranium Enrichment site, and execute The Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA), which was enacted in October 2000 to compensate workers for their health issues caused by working within DOE’s nuclear facilities. She provides history and insights into the radiation contamination at the Zahn’s Corner Middle School in Piketon, Ohio – only two miles from the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion plant.
BREAKING: Energy Secretary Rick Perry orders the last 4+ years of radiation monitoring around Portsmouth site to be released to the public.
Kevin Kamps, nuclear waste watchdog for Beyond Nuclear, spoke at the May 13, 2019 Congressional Briefing on Nuclear Waste that was held in Washington, DC. In this excerpt from his presentation, he speaks against the proposed Consolidated “Interim” Storage site in New Mexico.

Cross-Governmental Push on Advanced Reactors


Progress Towards HALEU Fuel Production
March 4, 2019

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