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Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant
Waste drum at Westinghouse nuclear fuel factory exploded, caught fire
By Andrew Brown abrown@postandcourier.com
Jul 15, 2019

So we approve the tax money going to Holtec to can the problem$. (?) Sounds like a WIPP repeat...

Some news highlights from Bing. Watch the dates:

Waste drum at Westinghouse nuclear fuel factory exploded, caught fire
A waste drum at a nuclear fuel factory near Columbia caught fire and exploded last week, according to a federal safety report ...
Post and Courier Charleston12d
EXCLUSIVE: 3 Westinghouse workers burned in Columbia plant incident Friday
Steam that erupted from a wash tank at the Columbia Westinghouse nuclear fuel production plant injured three workers early Friday ... federal and state regulatory agencies as well as workplace ...
The State3y
Westinghouse making changes at South Carolina plant
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Officials with Westinghouse Electric Co. say they ... Federal regulators said last summer there was the potential for an accident that might injure workers at the 48-year-old ...
The Washington Times2y
Westinghouse officials aim to have shutdown lifted after NRC review
COLUMBIA ... consequences to the workers if the accident happened could have been high." Since the commission began its review, Westinghouse has taken action. A temporary shutdown began last month on ...
Westinghouse cited again for safety concerns at Bluff Road nuclear fuel plant
COLUMBIA, SC — The company ... according to an April 25 letter from the NRC to Westinghouse. No accident occurred. But regulators are concerned whether the approximately 1,000 workers at the ...
The Greenville News1y
More concerns about nuclear fuel plant surface as feds visit Columbia
COLUMBIA ... a nuclear accident that could have injured workers at the Westinghouse atomic fuel factory near Columbia, according to preliminary results of an investigation into why uranium built up ...
The State2y
Regulators Say South Carolina Nuclear Fuel Plant Put Workers at ‘Substantial’ Risk
Federal regulators say they’ve found there was a “substantial potential” for an accident that could have injured workers at the Westinghouse nuclear fuel plant near Columbia. Media outlets report the ...
Insurance Journal2y
What The Return Of Nuclear Power Plant Construction Means For Municipal Investors
A combination of factors, including nuclear accidents ... U.S. in nearly 40 years: Plant Vogtle in Georgia and Virgil C. Summer in South Carolina. Substantial cost overruns and delays have led to ...
Seeking Alpha2y
Nuclear leak sends worker fleeing to shower
The solution, uranyl nitrate, leaked when a hose disconnected while the material was being unloaded at the Westinghouse plant southeast of Columbia. Nuclear Regulatory ... “This is, in fact, an ...
The Sun News1y
3 workers burned by steam in accident at nuclear fuel plant
The State newspaper reports (http://bit.ly/1MwwzNI ) the workers were injured at the Columbia Westinghouse nuclear fuel production plant near Columbia early Friday. A company spokeswoman told the ...
The Washington Times3y
Westinghouse cited again for safety concerns at Bluff Road nuclear fuel plant
The company blamed for the failure of SCE&G’s nuclear construction project in Fairfield County also finds itself in trouble for the way it recently operated an atomic fuel plant that it owns, located ...
The State1y
Exclusive: Recurring problems cited at Westinghouse nuclear plant
An internal review of a Columbia nuclear ... to the company’s report, Westinghouse: Did not ensure plant employees knew enough about maintaining safety in the air scrubber. Maintaining safety can ...
The State2y
‘You guys have gotten me afraid.’ Radioactive groundwater found at SC fuel factory
Thursday night’s revelation of high uranium levels in two test wells follows news this year about other leaks and spills at the Westinghouse plant, a major employer in the Columbia area since ... ...
The State8mon
Federal safety inspectors didn’t know about nuclear leak for years
The leaking uranium, discovered by plant owner Westinghouse in 2011, was unknown to NRC inspectors until the fall of 2017, when they ran across information about the accident while preparing ... ...
The State11mon
Nuclear leak sends worker fleeing to shower
The solution, uranyl nitrate, leaked when a hose disconnected while the material was being unloaded at the Westinghouse plant southeast of Columbia. Nuclear Regulatory ... “This is, in fact, an ...
The State1y
Columbia nuclear incident prompts federal warning
COLUMBIA, SC The recent discovery that radioactive ... to levels three times the federal safety standard. The agency and Westinghouse found other buildups inside the plant after looking more carefully ...
The State2y
As Westinghouse declares bankruptcy, what happens to the nuke plants it's building?
Westinghouse is currently in charge of construction of four of these new model reactors at two different sites. The first two are being built by SCANA at the Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Generating ...
Idaho Statesman2y
South Carolina Nuclear Fuel Plant News
Federal regulators say they’ve found there was a “substantial potential” for an accident that could have injured workers at the Westinghouse nuclear fuel plant near Columbia. Media outlets report the ...
Insurance Journal2y
Groups Ask Nuclear Agency to Delay Certification of Flawed AP1000 Reactor
DURHAM, North Carolina, November 11, 2011 (ENS) – The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is being asked to withhold certification for the new Westinghouse ... the power plant on Japan’s Pacific coast, ...
Environment News Service7y
Look, I wear a white lab coat and paid to be told what I know....so go back.


This company will do "Third" party testing https://www.solutientech.com/about.php

Oak Ridge Office
Bradley Squibb
Radiation Safety Officer
(865) 220-7193 | phone
(865) 481-3634 | fax Hmmmm.... very convenient. Not fooled.
Attention passengers, feel free to smoke, move about the reactor, throw money out the stack and unfasten your solar panels. Thank you for choosing nuclear.


Under the bill, consumers would pay an 85-cent monthly fee on their electricity bill with 90% — about $150 million a year — going to FirstEnergy Solutions, owner of the Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear plants in northern Ohio. The rest of the money, about $20 million a year, would support solar projects being developed in the state.

In addition to the nuclear plants, the bill would continue subsidies collected to support two old, coal-fired power plants, one in Ohio and one in Indiana. Consumers would pay up to $1.50 a month to support the plants owned by a group of utilities, including Columbus-based American Electric Power.

A coalition of environmental groups is holding a news conference before the House session because “the bill does nothing more than enact a blatant consumer-funded bailout of FirstEnergy Solutions’ nuclear plants and two old, dirty coal plants while gutting the state’s renewable energy and efficiency standards. The bill continues to move Ohio in the wrong direction.”

Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown objected to the bailout while answering questions from a reporter Friday at the Columbus Metropolitan Club.

“I don’t like it when government bails out a company and makes people’s rates go up ... it sounds to me that this company is looking to ratepayers and taxpayers for more help than it should get,” he said.

Proponents say the legislation would save the average consumer $2.82 a month by eliminating and reducing fees for renewable energy and energy-efficiency programs.


First Energys Perry Nuclear Reactor Unplanned Shut Down 7/31, still not up last Saturday.

Wrong model reactor diagram and "emergency shutdown" in the original headline is not applicable.

Where are you, Staup?


A summary of petition language for a proposed ballot referendum to repeal Ohio’s nuclear power plant bailout law was rejected as flawed on Monday by Attorney General Dave Yost
...Generation Now, a dark-money group that supported passage of House Bill 6 by the Republican-ruled legislature, submitted arguments to Yost claiming the summary of the petition was inaccurate and misleading and must be rejected.
...Legislative approval of House Bill 6, which also reduced green-energy standards, came following a multi-million dollar statewide TV commercial blitz, largely from supporters, and nearly $1 million in political contributions by First Energy, the one-time parent company of bankrupt FirstEnergy Solutions.


The Perry Nuclear Plant was back online early Aug. 6 following a shutdown that lasted more than a week.

The plant shut down July 27 following regular weekly testing.

Tom Becker of Sitrick & Co., the company handling press for plant owner FirstEnergy Solutions, said the outage was caused by a turbine trip “attributed to a malfunction in the turbine overspeed protection testing circuitry that occurred during normal testing.” He said the malfunction has been repaired.

COLUMBUS — Proponents of recently passed House Bill 6 pitched the legislation as a way to save good-paying jobs at Ohio’s two nuclear power plants.

Workers at both plants and residents of the communities were frequent visitors to the Statehouse, testifying at Senate and House hearings about how important those plants were to them.

Now, FirstEnergy Solutions, the owner of those plants, is seeking to throw out the deal it has with labor unions that covers workers at the Perry plant in Ohio along with a nuclear plant in Pennsylvania as part of its bankruptcy reorganization, according to a labor union filing last week in the bankruptcy case. The Davis-Besse plant near Toledo is not part of the filing.

“Obviously, FirstEnergy [Solutions] cares more about its friends on Wall Street that the workers at the two facilities,″ state Rep. David Leland, D-Columbus, and an opponent of the bill, said Monday.

Leland questioned whether the legislation, which passed with the help of Democrats, would have gotten their support had they known the company wanted to end the labor agreement.

“It was all untrue,” Leland said of the company’s contention that it wanted to protect those jobs. “They waited until after the billion-dollar bailout occurred until we found about it.”
Holtec Bribery Case
https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/20.../img_5735/ img
https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/20.../img_5736/ img

Shares of Holtec Nuclear Waste Dismantlement Partner, Quebec’s SNC-Lavalin, Dropped to Lowest Level Since 2005, Raising Fears of a Hostile Takeover Bid by Foreign Investors

Kudos to miningawareness for staying on the Holtec trail.
Staup might appreciate the reactor info in the img links...
wow, who is 'mining awareness'?  Like 'business insider'  unsung heroes of journalism
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
Truth dribbles out, if it's revealed at all.
Good tweet by Dr. Kaltofen-->

@MKaltofen: This is an astonishing undertaking. Imagine if this was your town. https://www.dispatch.com/news/20191018/p...ntaminants

don't stir up the hot particles
From your link, Kitty:
Contaminants were found at a middle school in Piketon, a private company will be testing all area schools and homes within 6 miles of the former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion plant. While the Department of Energy is funding those tests, they are not paying to test for toxic chemicals.
It could take a year or more for air, soil and water samples from homes and schools in the Piketon area to be tested and analyzed, Brewster said. Results will be sent to the National Academy of Sciences for interpretation, he added.

“By the time the National Academy of Sciences gets all of (the results) and looks at it, then that’s a whole other time frame. That’s why it’s really hard to put a time frame on it, you know, whether it’s nine months, 12 months, 18 months,” Brewster said.

Screening for toxic chemicals will not be part of the independent testing even though it was initially included in plans, Brewster said. The Department of Energy, which opted not to fund that testing, declined to comment for this story.

“It’s just a funding issue,” Brewster said. “If we had unlimited funds, yeah, we would throw that in there. We would just fund that portion ourselves, but at this time, there’s not any concrete plan to include that.”

Vina Colley, 72, a resident who worked at the plant as an electrician for several years, said she has developed health issues. She believes the federal government should pay to test for toxic chemicals as well as radiological contaminants.

“We have a right to know the whole truth,” Colley said.


The kids will graduate before the results are in... If they are afforded the opportunity...

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