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Smart Enough to Destroy the World
Smart enough to destroy the world, dumb enough to do it

"radiation damages cognitive ability and
thereby human capital at doses currently viewed as safe."  

 "People who have been exposed to low-dose radiation during medical treatments
are more likely to suffer from cognitive impairments several months to years later "

The achievements of a two meter ape with a 1.35 Kg (three pound) brain have been remarkable.  We dominate the planet.  So advanced, yet so primitive!   What a dichotomy.   We are accustomed to believing we are the most superior being, the chosen ones, invincible and super smart.  Is it so difficult to imagine that there may be far more intelligent and capable beings in the universe?  I wonder how the 66 meter tall animals with two ton brains living somewhere across the universe are doing.   Better I should hope.  Because we stand on the precipice of self annihilation. 

The Cognitive Meltdown:

Radiation and Human Capital after Birth

Benjamin Elsner



"In this paper, we show that radiation — even at subclinical doses — can have negative long-term effects on cognitive skills"

Over 25 years, people who lived in an area with a one-standard-deviation
higher level of fallout received a cumulative dose equivalent to two mammograms or 40% of a
CT scan. ...The birth cohorts in our sample — 1956 to 1985 — amounted to 24 million people."

Code;  millions of people living 1000 km away from Chernobyl got a dose of fallout equal to about twice the background radiation and now may have reduced cognitive skills.  If you are a downwinder living in the U.S. you may not even know what cognition means.  Just joking...  You're smart, so help me figure out the energy equivalent of twice the background radiation expressed in flashlight-seconds, or gram force centimeters of potential energy.   Thanks, I knew you could do it, even with the radiation exposure. Put your answer below, thanks.

"Across Germany, the level of ground deposition ranges from 0.224 kBq/m2
to 107 kBq/m2, whereas soil is officially considered contaminated if the radioactivity exceeds 37 kBq/m2 (UNSCEAR, 2000). The majority of the population lived in areas with radiation levels below 20 kBq/m2"

"The German Agency for Radiation Protection (BfS) estimates that the cumulative effective
radiation dose induced by Chernobyl between 1986 and 2010 was 0.6mSv. This amounts to 30%
of the annual effective dose the average German receives from natural background radiation
in one year (2mSv), or the dose received during 30 chest x-rays. However, the effective dose
from Chernobyl varied considerably across regions. In Munich, one of the most affected cities,
the cumulative effective dose over 25 years was 2.1mSv.6"


Code; I would like to make a quick detour into the sociological reasons why the smartest ape can get away with poisoning the planet.  Amazingly, poisoning the planet is within the law, but perhaps more importantly we are a species caught in a societal drama trap;  Authoritarian- Enabler- Victim.   This is similar to the Berne-Karpman drama triangle of transactional analysis.  The planet and the public are victims of the exploitative and power hungry authority, but far too many people are enablers of this global drama triangle.   A drama which will end in misery.

Two things you must always do; 
1- whatever your government tells you to do and 
2- you must believe what authorities say

"the German government maintained its official communication that the increased radiation did not present a health hazard to the population."

The vast majority of our species are subordinate primates.

A subordinate primate is not a healthy primate.....Robert Sapolsky

Code; I say this only half jokingly;....study the dominance-submissive authoritarian syndrome privately;

"Some activists lament how few anti-authoritarians there appear to be in the United States. One reason could be that many natural anti-authoritarians are now psychopathologized and medicated before they achieve political consciousness of society’s most oppressive authorities".


The question arises; why do we have a lonely planet populated by a bunch of submissives and a few psycho authoritarians?  There are several theories

Speculations on the Evolutionary Origins of System Justification

Maybe we are bred to be submissive


Or perhaps our global social structures are insane because we have worms;

Pathogens and Politics: Further Evidence That Parasite Prevalence Predicts Authoritarianism

I certainly wouldnt rule that out.  We should read up on vermifuge herbs.

I have my own theory on this scourge of the dominance-submissive authoritarian syndrome.  I think it has a lot to do with who has the swords, guns, torture chambers, prisons and dungeons.  Dont underestimate the subconscious generational transfer of horror having family members burned at the stake, drawn and quartered, and every other sick infliction of pain and misery invented by our two meter ape with a three pound brain.

And its probably not unreasonable to add the neurodegeneration of civilization caused by nuclear fallout to the list of things causing authoritarian submissive syndrome. Not only nuclear but a vast number of pollutants are degrading our collective cognitive and emotional capacities.

" Recent research shows that radiation affects cell regeneration in the
hippocampus, the part of the brain that governs several types of memory, in particular crystallized intelligence and learning (Squire, 2009; Supekar et al., 2013). Several studies show that
exposure to radiation slows down the regeneration of brain cells, which in turn impairs cognitive
performance. People who have been exposed to low-dose radiation during medical treatments
are more likely to suffer from cognitive impairments several months to years later (Hall et al.,
2004; Douw et al., 2009; Monje and Dietrich, 2012) and have a higher risk of developing dementia (Greene-Schloesser and Robbins, 2012)."

Keep in mind the low levels....similar to background radiation, a vanishingly small quantity of energy and fallout material.  What was the energy conversion to flashlight seconds or gram force centimeters?

By the way, for those hoping the linear no threshold model is proven, the above study found this;  "we test for a non-linear dose-response relationship. Based on a polynomial regression, a spline regression and a level-log regression, we find little evidence of non-linear effects"    ...I see a little contented smirk...  But answer this;  where did the linear line point to;  zero radiation or zero fallout?  Recall that this study wont give the correct answer because the population was already contaminated with cesium from bomb tests.  There is no life with zero radiation, and thus no study to support the linear no threshold concept.  This becomes important when we want to assign blame for the mental retardation and other pathologies. Are we going to blame half of it on background radiation?   Careful how you think there, three pounder...

"The additional cumulative effective dose received by the average German over 25
years was around 0.6mSv, which is one-third of the effective yearly dose of background radiation
(2mSv), or the equivalent of 30 chest x-rays. People in areas with higher contamination, for
example Munich, received an effective dose of 2mSv, which is around the same as the dose from
150 chest x-rays or one CT scan of the head."

The effect is even worse if you are exposed to fallout during gestation

Chernobyl’s subclinical legacy: Prenatal exposure to
radioactive fallout and school outcomes in Sweden

Douglas Almond,†Lena Edlund‡and M˚arten Palme§

I believe this finding should invoke a change in assumptions held by many pro and even anti nuclear people;

"Students born in regions of Sweden with higher
fallout performed worse in secondary school, Math in particular.
From a public health perspective, our findings suggest that neural development is
compromised at radiation doses currently considered safe."

"More generally, our findings suggest that radiation damages cognitive ability and
thereby human capital at doses currently viewed as safe.  As noted above, the maximum
dose to the Swedish population was estimated at 4 mSv in the first year [Edvarson,
1991a]. If this estimate is accurate, it falls well below the doses studied in Hiroshima
and Nagasaki (around 40 mSv)  and is comparable to annual doses from background
radiation (around 6 mSv)."

"Ground cover of fallout; Cs-137, aerial, municipality Full coverage, municipality averages range from 0.3 to
64 kBq/m2"

We could ask ourselves rhetorically;  Did mother nature produce a planet of retarded animals by using potassium as the intracellular electrolyte?   Indeed, that would be a tragedy second only to the invention of the homo sapiens species. A super achiever ape caught up in megalomania and a primitive drama triangle

The only animal on the planet who is smart enough to destroy the world, yet dumb enough to do it

Perhaps not the definitive articles, but there is little doubt the world edges toward more war with nuclear a code and push button away.   Science is not a deterring force with their message that nuclear fallout is a fraction of background radiation

Gorging at the Nuclear Buffet Table

‘This Is Not a Drill’: The Threat of Nuclear Annihilation
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
Dont look now, but your brain is shrinking. 

Experiments show that prolonged stress or depression shrink parts of your brain. The hippocampus has been studied.

cesium 137 can shrink your brain

It has been discovered that very low levels of cs-137 affect your sympathetic nervous system.
" in long-term cesium toxicity, there is progressive inhibition of the function of the sympathetic nervous system, reducing adaptive reserves of the body"

It is likely that this has an effect on the size of the hippocampus

A reason to eat a good diet and exercise. 
"studies have shown that people who exercise regularly and are physically fit have a much bigger hippocampus. The more you walk, the bigger your hippocampus will get and the less would be your risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease. One study showed that walking one mile a day lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 48%."
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
Not only have neurodegenerative chemicals caused a reduction in brain function, but we have been self domesticated.  The public has been trained and bred over thousands of years to be submissive to a social hierarchy.  

'Effects of domestication on brain structure and behavior in mammals'

"evolved carnivore and cloven hoof species show reduction in brain volume between 17.6 and 33.6% after domestication. "

Egotistical justifications are of little use;  we simply dont have the sensitivity and prowess our brains once had. The "Flynn effect" of increased IQ has even reversed, with Scandanavians having lost a whopping 7 IQ points,.

Reaction times are a more robust indicator of brain function over the decades, and we are slowing down.  

Were the Victorians cleverer than us? The decline in general intelligence estimated from a meta-analysis of the slowing of simple reaction time

"What that suggests is that even as IQ scores rise with education and health, humanity's capacity to get smarter is shrinking. In essence, the Flynn effect might be hiding an underlying decline, a "psychometric dark matter" not visible on pen-and-paper intelligence tests, Woodley said"

Secular Slowing of Auditory Simple Reaction Time in Sweden (1959–1985)

How often we hear the cry "we NEED nuclear, coal, oil...solar is unreliable and not cost effective blah blah blah"

3000 years ago, man was making sculptures like this one. 13th century BC.  About three stories tall.  Egypt is building the El Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant....but after thousands of years of human development and the industrial revolution, Egypt is just garbage compared to its former artistic glory.   Since this sculpture, mankind has lived 93% of the time without any energy except the sun and trees.  I see a clear devolution coupled with egomania in contemporary man.

[Image: 6fa949a9fdf295f168a020d49d02a227.jpg]
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
22 million Egyptians live in poverty.   Our species is so proud of our "indispensable" fruits of civilization.  Whats so great about it?

[Image: Egyptian-schoolgirls-walk-past-trash-bag...Images.jpg]
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
Nuclear fallout impaired your brain development.  Tests show...and lets state it blatantly, that nuclear has created a world of retarded animals and people.  Cognitive impairment is not an either/or affliction. Manifestations are  highly variable, from slight to total debility, and at different stages of life.  

Research shows that even people without clinical symptoms have a biological signature of low level radiation exposure.

We will never know how much we have been affected by the poisons of the nuclear industry.  It is certain, however, that life would have been better with a sharper mind and healthier body. Nuclear toxins have spread everywhere on earth and affect all living beings.

The deleterious effect of nuclear fallout occurs even at extremely low levels, equivalent to natural background radiation.
Nuclear is perhaps the single greatest tragedy in history. World War II  was the deadliest military conflict in history. An estimated total of 70–85 million people perished,  The European Committee on Radiation Risk estimates the nuclear bomb tests alone have killed 60 million.  Rosalie Bertell, consultant to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and to Health Canada estimated that 1300 million of been killed or maimed by nuclear industries. 

 "The Atomic Age has created problems that have no solution, and will all the more
worsen as – civil and military – nuclear technology shall be developed. Not to mention that nuclear
weapons imply the ongoing impending threat of destruction of the human society"

'The unsustainable legacy of the Nuclear Age '
The enduring legacy of the Nuclear Age is incompatible with the terrestrial
(and human) environment
Angelo Baracca
Retired Professor of Physics, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Florence, Italy

 “You have not been informed about nuclear power. You have not been told. And that has been done on purpose. Keeping the public in the dark was deemed necessary by the promoters of nuclear power if it was to succeed. Those in government, science and private industry who have been pushing nuclear power realized that if people were given the facts, if they knew the consequences of nuclear power, they would not stand for it.”

The Giant Lie About Fukushima

"Norwegians Adolescents exposed to low-dose ionizing radiation in utero scored significantly lower in full-scale IQ than unexposed adolescents."

'Effect of low dose ionizing radiation exposure in utero on cognitive function in adolescence.'


A review of forty-five years study of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb survivors. Brain damage among the prenatally exposed.


The criminal tragedy of nuclear even at very low levels has been known for a rather long time





"It was, in fact, the extremely sharp decline in the number of very high-scoring students that presented the greatest potential problem for a society increasingly dependent on verbal and mathematical skills to run the computers, design the automated machines for the factories and farms of the future, administer an increasingly high-technology society, and operate the sophisticated electronic weapons of a modern army. Instead of 189,300 students who had been able to score above 600 in the verbal test among those born in 1952-53, there were suddenly only 110,300 for the birth years of 1957-58, a drop of 42 percent. And an even greater drop occurred for the top students on whom our society would depend for much of its new ideas, creativity, and leadership skills in the arts, the sciences, and engineering, namely those who were able to score over 700. In this category, the numbers were cut by more than half, from a high point of 33,200 born before the Nevada tests began in 1949-50 to a low of only 14,800 for those born in 1957-58, the years of the heaviest fallout from our weapons testing."

It was only too evident that if the radioactivity in the environment led to early infant mortality, childhood cancer, thyroid damage, and underweight births, then also the learning ability of the surviving children might never develop its full potential.

 ..as far as the general public was concerned, there was only the following statement by the AEC, carried by The New York Times and the rest of the press around the country:

The Commission said that the radioactivity was of such low intensity that it presented no danger. It was detected at altitudes of several thousand feet, and only the most minute traces of radioactive contamination would reach the ground, the Commission said. The AEC . . . said that nowhere outside the immediate area of the test was the fallout dangerous to human life or health.

In the spring of 1971 our group gathered the data for radioactivity in the air, in the milk, and on the ground both before and after the Baneberry test. This was then correlated with the mortality figures for infants born following the explosion, as reported in the U.S. Monthly Vital Statistics. In all of the states where the total radioactivity rose highest -- Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Nebraska, and as far away as Minnesota and Maine -- infant mortality also rose sharply during the first three months after the test."
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout

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